Castrilli came to the ANFP for “crossing the path of criticism and taking sides”

Castrilli came to the ANFP for "crossing the path of criticism and taking sides"

On Tuesday there was a shakeup in the ANFP Referees Commission, due to Jorge Osorio leaving the presidency of the entity amid criticism in recent months towards the Chilean soccer referees.

And the Quilín body surprised by appointing the Argentine Javier Castrilli, recognized for repeatedly questioning the misuse of VAR on social networks, and whom he officially presented this Wednesday.

At a press conference, the former Argentine referee explained his decision to take the challenge: “My passion and absolute dedication so that there is absolute coherence and the commitment to do, to cross the path of criticism and take sides to change the situation. I come to give my heart, not all is lost. The arbitration needs those who with their experience can nourish young people with the minimum advice essential for this activity “.

“Adherence to the rules is adherence to respect. From football, we educate ourselves and the referees are teachers. We want football to have credibility. The referees must feel the weight of responsibility as they are instruments of justice, we must recover the mystical, “he added.

In addition, he added: “I have always made an objective criticism during my role in the media. We need to be transparent, in the same way that I submitted to criticism during my career. Chilean football comes first and then the men. From now on, everything I do will be measured and right for the benefit of the country. I come to put into service all that I have lived. “

Asked about what errors the Chilean referees have already analyzed, he said:“It would be disrespectful to make a public value judgment on the level of Chilean refereeing. I can say that, in my opinion, Roberto Tobar is among the three or four best referees in the world due to his hierarchy. nothing, it already makes a difference. We have to take the Tobar phenomenon as an example. “

Finally, Castrilli said: “There is nothing to hide. We are working in good faith and if we make mistakes we have to work so that these mistakes do not happen. We must reduce the possibility of error to its minimum expression “.

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