“He already lost the first round,” says Canelo after blows with Caleb Plant

Ya perdió el primer round, asegura Canelo tras golpes con Caleb Plant

Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez think that Caleb Plant He already lost in the emotional part from the first meeting that both had in the press conference and that ended in blows between them. Plant ended with a small cut under the right eye.

“He’s already lost the first round, and I’m going to win the whole fight,” He said Canelo in interview for ESPN. “He is a very insecure person, so you can see it in his body language, that’s what I’ll stick with.”

Canelo think that Plant His confidence was already diminished after the first press conference.

“He already lost,” he explains Saul. “He has already lost in his mind, in his confidence, because he already thinks differently. He wanted to get to the fight, try to push me, pressure me, punish me. But he is on dangerous ground. “

Canelo attacks Plant

The reasons why the fight between Canelo and Plant started

The first face between Canelo and Plant, at the first press conference, ended in blows. Saul pushed Plant, and the American responded by throwing blows. Canelo responded with a blow that caused a slight cut under the right eye to Plant.

Saul explained in an interview for ESPN, why did you push Plant.

“What happened is that he began to speak many things and I answered him,” he explains. Canelo. “But the bad thing he said was an insult to my mother. You can tell me what you want, but not my mother. My mother is not here, and she has nothing to do with this. That’s why I pushed him, and he came back throwing a left hook at me. That’s why what happened happened. “Son of a bitch,” that’s what he told me and he crossed a line. “

On November 6, the Canelo Alvarez and Caleb Plant They will face off to decide who will be the undisputed 168-pound champion. Canelo is champion by the WBC, WBA and WBO, while Plant He is the monarch of the IBF.

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