Hearn considers “a sham” that WBC does not order Ryan or Jojo against Devin Haney


Eddie hearn He said he considers it a sham that the CMB don’t order a fight from Ryan Garcia or JoJo Diaz against Devin Haney.

Hearn gave an interview to Pro Boxing Fans, in which he described his frustration at the actions of the CMB with the mandatory fights. And it is that the body has not ordered that its interim champion, first Ryan Garcia, and later Jo Jo Diaz, fight the regular champion Devin Haney.

“Have you ever known something that is more farce?”, Claimed the English promoter. “Where two guys who win final qualifiers to fight Devin Haney, they are actually ordered to fight each other. When Ryan Garcia beat Luke campbell, Golden boy He told the CMB do not order the fight with Haney. They did not and ordered the fight of Javier Fortuna. Ryan Garcia got out of the fight (with Fortune). Jo Jo Diaz fought with Javier Fortuna and later Golden boy he said again to CMB that he did not order the fight of Jo Jo Diaz and Devin Haney. So Jo Jo Diaz will fight with Ryan Garcia. What amount of garbage ”.

Eddie hearn feels that it is affecting him Devin Haney, who is the regular champion of the CMB in light weight.

“It’s ridiculous,” he pointed out. Hearn. “I’m sorry for Haney, because he’s sitting there waiting to take on all the big fights. “

The promoter also criticized the attitude of Jo Jo Diaz.

Jo jo diaz He posted an Instagram story the other day that talked about me, claiming that why am I talking shit, what the fuck am I talking about? ”, said the promoter. “You are the mandatory for Devin Haney and he turns around, and he just asks why didn’t the champion ask for the fight to be ordered? Well, I’ve never heard of a champion who has asked the body to order the mandatory challenger. The mandatory challenger, the only thing he should want is to fight the champion, because you won the final tie for that. “

Devin Haney next to Eddie hearn.

Hearn gave more explanations about a probable fight between Ryan and Haney

With a load of outrage, Eddie hearn He continued with the explanations about his opinion, and made it very clear from which side he communicates.

“Then, Jo Jo Diaz, Ryan Garcia he won’t fight you this year. Then, what are you going to do? Are you going to take a warm-up fight or something? Fight against Devin Haney. But (Jo Jo) will fight with Devin Haney, because he knows they will defeat him, that’s why. What is the use of having a final tie if you are not going to order the fight against the champion? Then two guys shunned Devin Haney and then you make them fight each other. That is running away ”.

The promoter assures that he has already written to Mauricio Sulaiman, president of the CMB, to express your disagreement.

“I wrote to Mauricio last night and told me that since they had ordered Ryan Garcia against Jo Jo Diaz, but they would be happy that Haney fight with Diaz“, Emphasized the Briton. “So there are no excuses. Don’t turn around and say they can’t do the fight now, because they ordered something else. They have put it in writing. If they are happy that Jo Jo Diaz fight against Devin Haney, make the fight ”.

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