“I saw it coming”: Canelo talks about how he took off Plant’s first blow

Lo vi venir: Canelo habla de cómo se quitó primer golpe de Plant

After the confrontation with blows he had Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez at the press conference with his next rival Caleb Plant, the Mexican champion has already returned to his work in the gym and there he commented in detail how the collision was and how he removed the first blow of Plant.

“It was by inertia, the truth is that I didn’t even think about it,” explained the Canelo in interview for Little Giant Boxing. “I threw him, as he always does, out of courage, but I never thought of hitting him or anything. But when he threw (the blow) at me, it was instinct, inertia, that I took it off ”.

While they were in the face, Canelo and Plant things began to be said to each other. And suddenly, Canelo pushed Plant, who returned to the meeting point, threw the first blow. The Mexican managed to dodge and counterattack him, causing a small cut below the right cheekbone.

The funny thing is that Canelo had his sunglasses in his right hand, and seeing Plant, he threw the glasses to the ground and with that same hand he countered him.

“As I saw him coming very determined, I threw away my glasses because you never know,” he explained. Canelo anticipating that Plant I’d throw a punch “As I say, one must be ready, but it was by inertia, because I work for that here in the gym (taking off blows). You don’t even think about it, you just do.

In the same way, when asked by his people that if they were this small dispute that took place face to face, they made him want to fight more, Canelo he said yes.

“Well, even more,” replied the Canelo.

In the same way his coach, Eddy reynoso, who also received insults from Plant, finished the answer.

“Almost nothing, because the bastard did fight (referring to the blow he gave Saul to Caleb)”, said Eddy.

Caleb Plant denied offending Canelo’s mom

Caleb Plant publicly denied having spoken of the mother of Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez, after the row at a press conference.

In its Twitter official, Plant said he had not disrespected the mother of Saul Alvarez, with what happened at the presentation conference.

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