Leonardo Madelón stopped being the coach of Platense

Leonardo Madelón stopped being the coach of Platense

Leonardo Madelón stopped being the coach of Platense this Wednesday and Claudio Spontón will take over on an interim basis.

Vicente López’s club issued a statement explaining the decision: “By common agreement between the coach and the Football Council, Leonardo Madelón left the Club Atlético Platense this Wednesday, after saying goodbye to the squad prior to training at the Double Five Facility in Escobar.

The Santa Fe technical director had arrived at our institution on May 15 to face the current Socios.com Tournament of the LPF and, after twelve dates in office, decided together with those responsible for professional football at the club to end the contract that bound it until 2022.

In turn, we inform that the Reserve coach, Claudio Spontón, together with Javier Baena and Walter Corigliano as field assistants and PF Ariel Ferraro, will take charge of the squad to prepare for the next game against Estudiantes de La Plata, while the Soccer Council is looking for a new coach.

We want to thank Leonardo Madelón and his entire coaching staff for the daily work, dedication and good manhood during his time in Platense; and at the same time wish him the greatest success in whatever his career may bring. “

After saying goodbye to the squad this Wednesday, Madelón was grateful to the club, despite not being able to meet his goal.

“We say to leave the club, leaving aside illusions that we had,” said the DT in a video posted on social networks and explained: “Sometimes football has these things, they are results, and I wanted to highlight it because it hurts not to have achieved that goal, They have treated us very first in all the levels of the club. Then one chooses to make the best decision, to go out, to decompress the situation “.

“It’s a difference of four, five points, that maybe another coach can give it to him.”

And he concluded: “I wish the best to Platense and that those points that we could not get, that they get them, with whoever”.

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