Suriname’s vice president debuted at the age of 60 in CONCACAF

Suriname's vice president debuted at the age of 60 in CONCACAF

Ronnie Brunswijk, Vice President of Suriname and a former guerrilla leader, broke a historical record when he made his debut at the age of 60 years and 198 days with the team of his property, Inter Moengotapoe, which fell in the match played at his own home against Olimpia of Honduras by a resounding 0-6 in an official clash of the CONCACAF League.

The media of Suriname, a South American country of half a million inhabitants that borders Guyana, French Guiana and Brazil, give a good example this Wednesday of the late debut of its vice president.

The photos of the Suriname press, who are not surprised to see their veteran vice president on the pitch at 60 years old, highlight the poor result of Inter Moengotapoe and do not criticize the performance of this peculiar character in the match played on Tuesday night .

Brunswijk, who played 54 minutes with number 61 and the captain’s armband, came out honoring his position by leading the rest of the players onto the pitch.

Brunswijk’s performance does not seem to be outstanding and he decided not to finish the match, which he will not be able to repeat in Honduras due to his problems with the law that prevent him from leaving the country.

Suriname’s National Assembly elected the former rebel leader, head of the General Liberation and Development Party (ABOP), to the post of vice president in July 2020.

The event was led by Brunswijk himself due to his position as president of the National Assembly, although as he was a candidate for the vice-presidency, he handed over the direction of the chamber.

Brunswijk’s appointment as vice president was accompanied by strong controversy, as he was convicted in the Netherlands for drug trafficking and is being claimed by international courts.

Brunswijk is a controversial figure in his country for being a former rebel leader, politician and businessman who, after having served in the early 1980s as the personal bodyguard of the country’s former president and former military officer Desi Boutersen, formed the guerrilla group Liberation Army Suriname, better known as the Jungle Command.

The local press does not give data on whether Brunswijk will continue to play home games with his team or his training plan given his high age for an elite athlete.

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