The end point of Luis Scola’s career, with his style

The end point of Luis Scola's career, with his style

He said nothing. He didn’t think it was necessary. He had already spoken on the court. In each one in which he had played professionally for 25 seasons. Just as he began in silence, that somewhat introverted kid who came to Ferro to play the National League when he was just 16 years old, he retired without shouting it from the rooftops. Luis Scola, simply put an end to his career.

The last shot of his feature film with the Argentine national team showed him with his back towards the tunnel of goodbye, with the characteristic number 4 shirt on and the ball in his hand. He was going through the big door in his fifth Olympic Games and with his eyes red from having emptied of tears after years of shedding sweat.

Instead, the final scene as a player for a professional team will not be iconic. He played as long as he wanted. He proved himself on his return to Europe after ten seasons in the NBA and a couple in China. He returned to the Euroleague, competition of which he had been lord and master with Baskonia, to wear the colors of Olimpia Milano. Later, he decided to play in Varese to avoid double competition and arrive in the best way to the Tokyo Olympics. He had a contract for one more season, but Luis had already warned not to take it into account when setting up the squad. It was fine up to there.

Ever since he became a pampering retailer, Scola had not considered the option of taking a vacation. It was not that he did not like to relax and enjoy a few days of pleasure, but that he knew that this plan threatened his physical state and then it would take him much more work to regain his best form. Signs of the unannounced end were photos and videos of their family boat trips or the presence at a Ciro y Los Persas recital in Barcelona. Although some images of gyms or workouts appeared, they were not the majority. It was already clear, Luis had said enough.

And just as he did not publicly say anything about the formal closure of his stage as a player, neither did he about his new challenge. It was Varese who announced that Luis Scola will be the new Managing Director of the club where he played until last season.

Beyond titles and medals, something of which he has a powerful collection, Scola stood out for leaving a mark in every place where he stepped. It never went unnoticed. That introvert soon gave way to a leader who led by word, but above all by example. From his early years in Spain, also in the unequaled NBA, already close to the epilogue in China and the outcome in Italy. And always in the Selection.

Luis Scola put the end to his career, with his sober style and away from bombastic advertisements. He said nothing. He didn’t think it was necessary. He had already spoken on the court.

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