Boca Juniors vs. Board of Trustees – Party Report – September 22, 2021

Boca Juniors vs.  Board of Trustees - Party Report - September 22, 2021

( Services) – Boca Juniors took another firm step. Xeneize drew goalless with Patronato in the 90 minutes, in Santiago del Estero, and then won 4-2 on penalties to get a ticket to the semifinals in the Argentine Cup, whose title the coveted place for the Copa Libertadores 2022.

The teams went out to the playing field of the Madre de Cities stadium in search of the dreamed passage to the semis. Boca, more from the association, with Cardona lucid to manage the times, change front or find the forwards thrown and, his rival, more direct, with long balls or centers from the sides and pressing the auriazul exit.

The team led by Sebastán Battaglia hit rock bottom twice in the first 10 minutes, with the Colombian as the protagonist. First, a corner kick taken by Cardona was connected by Orsini, and his header went just wide. Then, he put the former Lanús to run, who face to face with goalkeeper Ibáñez yielded Briasco to define with the empty goal. But Benítez got in the way.

Then Boca took the reins of development, with an active Almendra, but without finishing being deep. He had a free kick from Cardona after Gudiño’s foul on Fabra on the edge of the area that Ibáñez solved well. And the former Atlético de Rafaela and San Lorenzo then lowered Almendra and the referee Pablo Echavarría forgave him the second warning and the expulsion he deserved.

The game thus became harsher, with a lot of strong legs. Rojo made merits for a card he did not receive, then Geminiani axed Briasco and did see the acrylic. The end of the first half showed the two casts obfuscated by the refereeing.

The second half continued to be just as disputed, beyond Boca retaining the initiative. At 6, after a bad start by Rossi, the Entre Rios had the best chance of scoring, but Gudiño did not hit the goal. And, at 12. a well-crafted action by Xeneize deepened in Cardona, Briasco enabled the cue and Fabra finished crossed, but failed to overcome Ibáñez.

Meanwhile, those of Battaglia lost Ramírez due to injury, Molinas entered for Cardona, and Delfino, the Patron’s DT, replaced Gudiño and Geminiani, both reprimanded and on the edge of goodbye. As the timer ticked by, Boca continued to risk (Pavón, Vázquez and Montes entered), while his opponent clung to the resistance, resigning his offensive opportunities to a corner.

The end was with those of the Ribera inside the Patronato area, filling it with crosses or crossed balls, except for a shot from Palavecino that demanded Rossi. In the fourth minute of discount, another controversy: Advíncula held Sosa Sánchez and made him fall inside the area. It was criminal.

The winner will face in the semifinals of the tournament, still without date or stage, the winner of the series that will star Argentinos Juniors and San Telmo, from the First National of Argentine soccer.

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