El Changote and Julio César Chávez: The videos that have made the legend fool

Los Chávez con El Changote

Julio Cesar Chavez has starred in several videos of The Changote, the mascot of Tomateros de Culiacán and YouTuber from Culiacan, Sinaloa, which has caused more than one anger to The legend.

During the interventions that the former professional boxer has had, as well as Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., the team mascot of the Mexican Pacific League has provoked both.

There have been three videos that he has recorded The Changote with them and in two, Chavez Dad exploded with the character because of what he told him about his son.

Here we recall what has happened during that series of videos.

Fight between Julio César Chávez Jr. and El Changote

In a video posted on October 15, 2020, the character of The Changote joked with Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. in the streets of Culiacan, Sinaloa.

During the video, the son of the legend explained that he was 22 or 23 when he tried alcoholic beverages, as well as marijuana and that until 30 or 31, he drank too much.

He also spoke of the controversy that occurred at that time with Poncho De Nigris, who challenged him to a boxing match.

Nevertheless, The Changote criticized him for the video he uploaded doing the Kunno in heels and explained that he made the decision to do it, and they didn’t have to criticize his dad.

In addition, in the center of Culiacan they stopped to put on boxing gloves in front of several people.

Chávez’s annoyance with El Changote

Julio Cesar Chavez, months later, he also went up to walk the streets of Culiacan with The Changote.

After talking about his career and drug problems, El YouTuber provoked The legend when he started talking about Chávez Jr., who he criticized for the video of the heels.

“I don’t mean to swear, but I’m going to get off and put a put on you …”, he said. “Keep messing with my son, I’m going to put you down …”.

Gift from El Changote to Julio

Recently, The Changote uploaded a video in which he went to a restaurant in Culiacan, Sinaloa to give a gift to Julio Cesar Chavez.

After they laughed a bit and that The Legend is bothered by what he was saying, the YouTuber He gave him a gift that made the former boxer angry.

“You disrespected me, you messed with my children. Are you going to start? ”, He reproached Julius Caesar, who immediately got upset.

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