Let’s go kids: from that Peñarol from 87 that the Sudamericana fights with the pride of the quarry

Let's go kids: from that Peñarol from 87 that the Sudamericana fights with the pride of the quarry

The pica pica … What a topic! A dust that got between the sheets and generated itching all over the body, preventing sleep. Believe it or not, Peñarol had an official that the first thing he did when he arrived at a hotel was to check the beds where the players would rest. The Liberators from the late 1980s it had those strange peculiarities.

The coronavirus … The pandemic that changed the world. Covid-19 changed everything. Players traveling in individual seats and masks. Sanitary bubbles and hotels destined purely and exclusively to serve the delegation. The South American Today will be forever marked by the virus.

The world changed 34 years after the last and remembered conquest of Peñarol as champion of America in 1987. But from that coal team to the current one, there are points of contact and a similar bet to the kids of the club.

Saving the distances, the magnitude of the tournament and that the comparisons are odious, curiously there are some similar references between one team and another.

The goalkeeper’s past, the importance of the central midfielder, the loss of an important player in the midst of the tournament and the importance of the quarry.

That adventure of Peñarol in the 1987 Copa Libertadores began with a management of then president José Pedro Damiani to hire the coach.

The Accountant went to the city of Pereira, Colombia, to look for the Master Tabárez, who was in charge of the youth team playing the South American Sub 20.

That management generated problems for Damiani because the leader of the AUF, Homero Bagnulo, wanted to hire the Master for the senior team.

In the current Peñarol the arrival of Mauricio Larriera was also a controversial decision. Walter Olivera himself acknowledged that he beat him because he did not see him as a coach for the Aurinegro team.

One of the coincidences between one team and another is the goalkeeper’s past. Both the goalkeeper of 87, and the current one, had a passage through the formative sessions of Nacional.

Eduardo Pereira defended the tricolor youth divisions between 1970 and 1972, then he left Amsterdam from Paso de los Toros to reach Peñarol where he made his professional debut.

Kevin Dawson arrived in the capital at the age of 13 to enroll in the National formations, where he stayed until his second year in the Fourth Division. As he was not playing, he asked to return to Plaza Colonia. There he made his debut in the First Division and years later Peñarol joined him.

At the end of the group stage of the 1987 Copa Libertadores, the coal squad suffered a significant loss like that of the experienced midfielder Juan Carlos Paz. The aforementioned player had scored the winning goal against Alianza in Lima. “He called me and told me he had a very good offer from Mexico,” said the Accountant. And he left.

Peñarol’s current squad also lost an important man in the middle of the South American Cup as the scorer David terans who left the club to defend Atlético Paranaense.

It was not the only casualty, Fabricio Formiliano and Joaquín Piquerez, two pillars of the defensive sector, also emigrated.

As its history marks it, the charcoal burner once again has a central midfielder with ancestry over his own and strangers like Walter Gargano. The Mota earned the captain’s ribbon and is at an exuberant level. It’s the team watch. As in 1987 with the Chueco José Perdomo that was planted in the central area.

In that sector of the field, the Libertadores del 87 team relied on football on a man with a career like Zurdo Ricardo Viera who arrived at the age of 27 from Danubio.

Today that function of game generator is fulfilled Pablo Cepellini With 29 years of age and a long international journey playing in Italy, Slovenia, Romania, Mexico and Colombia.

On offense, the bet is on the youth. That 34-year-old team had Diego Aguirre at 22 years old and from Liverpool; Jorge Cabrera with 24 who had arrived from Bella Vista and the homegrown players Daniel Vidal (20 years old) and Jorge Villar (20 years old).

Larriera’s group includes the explosive Agustín Álvarez, a 20-year-old player trained at the club, his buddy Facundo Torres, who turned 21 in April, and is also from the quarry and among the first options to Máximo Alonso, 19 years old. .

When talking about football aspects, both teams played with a line of four in the background. The wingers José Herrera and Alfonso Domínguez were permanently on the attack. In 87, the midfield stopped with three flyers, the current one plays with double 5.

Above it was attacked with three (Cabrera, Aguirre and Vidal) while today it is played with a man as an area reference such as Canario Álvarez and two that generate play on the outside or inside that are Facundo Torres and Agustín Canobbio. The tactics or the ways of stopping the team on the court changed, it is clear.

“Most of us were newly promoted jars, all of us young. When the Cup started we did not think that with that team we could reach the final. There was one thing that today is not given that was the group. The coach who manages to bring together players with experience and others with youth and if he knows how to handle it, has many possibilities that it will go well. Today it does not happen because there are no references, the botijas are not so interested in being champions but in being in Peñarol for a salary, when before we had to sacrifice ourselves and play in all the youth teams. The objective was to get to the club’s First Division, today in Fourth they are already thinking of a pass abroad ”, Chueco Perdomo expressed in Referee.

And he recalled: “With Zurdo Viera and Pollo Vidal we made a collection and bought a string of drums and the teacher let us play in the dining room after dinner, whoever wanted to dance did it and it was 10 minutes.”

In Lima there were no drums, but the tables in the dining room of the hotel where Peñarol stayed served to accompany the uproar of the young Mirasoles who, 34 years later, they renew the illusion singing to the rhythm of Gilda …

“As a visitor or as a local, where you play I will be, wherever you go coalman … I can no longer find an explanation, but I can no longer change … If I don’t have you, I want to kill myself … Let’s go black, we’re going to win, we’re never going to leave. You are my madness, you are my passion, always encouraging Peñarol …”.

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