Manny Pacquiao reveals the last time he cried was in the loss to Terrible Morales

Manny Pacquiao revela que la última vez que lloró fue en la derrota contra Terrible Morales

Manny pacquiao says he has learned to deal with wins and losses with humility, but that the last time he cried over a loss was when he lost in the first fight against Erik “Terrible” Morales on March 19, 2005.

In an interview with Toni Gonzaga, to Pacquiao He was asked what the last loss was that made him cry.

“The first with (Erik) Morales“, answered Manny not hesitate. “I was very hurt, I lost a lot of blood. They even took me to the hospital after the fight. I lost a lot of blood and had blurry visibility. I lost that fight. “

Now, Manny ensures that he takes his defeats with more serenity.

“When you have Jesus in your life, in your heart, that humility comes naturally,” he explains. Pacquiao. “It’s like God is reminding you that you have to be humble all the time.

Pacquiao’s defeat in the first fight against Erik Morales

On March 19, 2005, Erik morales and Manny pacquiao they had a memorable fight. Morales It was better and a unanimous decision was taken that had a profound effect on Pacquiao and in your work team. For Mexico, that of Morales It is one of the greatest victories in the history of national boxing.

After the fight, and in the midst of frustration, Manny Pacquiao He argued that the defeat was because by contract, Erik Morales forced him to wear gloves Winning and not the Cleto reyes that the Filipino used to use.

“If I had used Cleto reyes I would have knocked him out, “he said Pacquiao in the interview on the ring to Larry Merchant after the fight.

AND Merchant he smelled fresh meat, and pressed the subject.

“Why couldn’t you use your gloves? What happened? Why did your promoter give away that advantage? ”, He insisted Merchant.

“The team of Morales asked us to wear those gloves and the Nevada commission told us to wear those gloves Wining, because Morales I wanted us to wear gloves Winning“, answered Pacquiao.

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