The elimination left Racing Club with the future of several players in doubt and, does it accelerate the search for a coach?

The elimination left Racing Club with the future of several players in doubt and, does it accelerate the search for a coach?

The elimination of the Argentine Cup hit Racing Club hard and left several of their players in doubt and could accelerate the search for a new coach.

Gonzalo Cardozo reported in SportsCenter AM the bad weather that remained in the Academy after the loss on penalties against Godoy Cruz.

The first to publicly accept this discomfort was the emblem of the Lisandro López plant who pointed out that “it is a good time to work, go forward and in December make a self-criticism on the part of all of us who are in Racing so as not to stay in the comfort that the club generates a little. It bothers me to feel it and say it”.

“If I have to be the first to make this change, I will be the first. You have to restructure the squad and make better decisions at the football level. You have to get out quickly from this pothole that we all feel, “he added and banked the coach:” The decision regarding the coaches is made by the leaders. We are to death with Claudio (Ubeda), Chiche (Arano) and Lagarto (Fleita) because they are people who really love the club “.

Finally, Licha announced his possible departure from the club: “My contract is until December and we will see in December. It is much more likely that it does not follow than yes “.

But Licha would not be the only one to leave at the end of the year. Gonzalo Cardozo pointed out that it will be necessary to see what is the future of three key players such as Gabriel Arias, Eugenio Mena and Leonardo Sigali. Darío Cvitanich also seems very likely that he will not continue. There are also the loans that end for Enzo Copetti and Tomás Chancalay, for whom Racing must pay to retain and would not keep both.

With the current panorama, for the chronicler of ESPN, it also seems Rubén Capria is unlikely to remain in the role of sports advisor and reach an agreement with the leadership to leave.

In this context Nor is the continuity of Claudio Úbeda clear, who will depend on the results, but some are already thinking about accelerating the search for a permanent coach, because there are 13 dates ahead in the League Tournament and the goal of qualifying for CONMEBOL Libertadores 2022 is moving away.

There are three names that ring for the position, but in all cases, they should wait until December to be hired.

The first is Javier Mascherano, the man that President Victor Blanco wants. But the former referent of the Argentine National Team wants to fulfill his agreement with the AFA and then take on another challenge.

On the other side are the twins Guillermo and Gustavo Barros Schelotto, but at this moment, Racing could not pay for them.

And finally, Cardozo indicated that the coach who generates the greatest consensus is Alexander Medina, who ends his contract with Talleres in December.

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