Blow to the illusion: what happened to Peñarol against Paranaense?

Blow to the illusion: what happened to Peñarol against Paranaense?

What happened to Peñaroll? How to explain the defeat of the Aurinegro team against Atlético Paranaense in the semifinals of the CONMEBOL South American Cup? There is not a single reason, they are an accumulation of situations that the game presents. In the first place, Peñarol receives a goal when the players had not even settled on the playing field. At the minute of the game the team tried to go out playing from the bottom, they gave it wrong to the side Ramos who lost the ball under pressure from the rival and the action led to a goal by David Terans.

The shock received was terrible. The team was dizzy like the boxer who takes a blow to the chin. It is that, not only it happened to overcome the so much but the meaning of the goal of visitor. All that began to weigh on the heads of the players who were showing themselves aimlessly.

It took Peñarol to find his usual vertigo. Canario Álvarez Martínez’s goal put him on the line and the team had its best moments until the end of the first half, invading an uncomfortable Paranaense on the wing, who lost the line. In the Atlético complement he again imposed the rhythm of the game that favored him the most. He punctured the ball, slowed his rival’s revolutions, cut the game permanently, which was generating discomfort before a permissive referee.

The changes

Aurinegro coach Mauricio Larriera appealed for changes. He took out Jesús Trindade, who withdrew visibly upset with the coach. It was yellow and the coach explained the change. In his place the Argentine Musto entered. The movement of pieces was decisive. The team lost the middle and played in a hurry. He lost his cool. Peñarol did not find the paths to the rival goal. Lost Torres, controlled by Giovanni González, only the illusion that Canobbio generated in his attacks remained.

And then Gargano came out to admit Nicolás Gaitán, who showed that he still lacks football. Larriera disarmed the middle and the team was left with a too slow central line with Cepellini, Musto and Gaitán without football.

Peñarol was left without a game, it was more by impulse and based on centers than by collective play. Larriera said that the changes were of a tactical and sanitary nature.

Then Nahuelpán entered whose ineffectiveness is striking. Without Canobbio, the team was left at the mercy of what Canario Álvarez could do. And it did not reach.

Peñarol lost at home and now he will have to go look for qualification in Brazil on a different court since the rival plays on synthetic grass.

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