David Benavidez reveals that Plant also wanted to surprise him with a blow like Canelo

David Benavidez revela que Plant también lo quiso sorprender con un golpe como a Canelo

David benavidez He says that the fighter he has the most desire to knock out is Caleb Plant, and tells how he experienced something similar to what happened at the press conference between Canelo and Plant, when Caleb he wanted to get up early with a blow to the Mexican.

“It was something else with my brother, but it was the same shit,” he says. David benavidez in interview for IT’S NEWS. “He tried to get up early with a blow, but ended up beaten. This time, Caleb Plant He also ended up beaten, and that’s what you get for wanting to pretend to be a tough guy. “

Benavidez feel that Plant He acts like that, because he wants to convey a toughness that he doesn’t have in the ring.

“I’ve always said that guys who aren’t really tough in the ring, do their best to appear tough outside of it,” he explains. Benavidez. “They want to act tough, they want to make you think they can knock out, but they can’t; he has 21 fights and only 12 knockouts. He has to act that way. “

Benavidez believes that Plant He was stupid to want to surprise the Canelo with a bang.

“I think trying to slap the Canelo It was a cowardly move, but Canelo he counterattacked him, “he says Benavidez. “It was really fun to watch. It made me laugh, becausePlant) looked stupid. He thought he was going to land the slap, but they hit him back with two punches, and he was cut off. But I hope they don’t postpone the fight. It was kind of fun. “

The Mexican American is clear that Caleb Plant He is the fighter who wants to knock out the most, precisely because he does not like his personality.

Caleb Plant He is the fighter I most want to knock out, ”he says. Benavidez. “It’s because of the type of person he is. Because he thinks he’s the best, he’s a killer, when he really isn’t, but he’s lucky that Canelo He is going to find him before I do, because I would put his ass in the hospital ”.

Benavidez’s prediction for Canelo vs Plant

David benavidez gave his prognosis on how he thinks the fight between Plant and the Canelo, and think that the Mexican will come out with the victory.

“Canelo needs to go to the body, he needs to cut the ring, he will need to chase a lot,” he explains. Benavidez. “Caleb Plant he’s going to get away with it, try to box, and move around as much as he can. He’ll get tired around the seventh or eighth round, and Canelo he will begin to put more pressure, and do what he knows how to do ”.

Nevertheless, David think that in Plant there is also the possibility of surprise.

“I don’t know, I can be wrong, maybe the best will come out Caleb Plant that we have seen, I don’t know, that’s what these fights are for, especially when it is a unifying fight ”, he clarifies Benavidez. “It is one of the biggest fights of the year. So I don’t know what will happen, but I think the Canelo is going to win”.

Benavidez is confident that he will have his fight with Canelo

The fight you want the most David benavidez is with him Canelo Alvarez.

“It’s a fight (with Canelo) that a lot of people have been asking for, a lot of people are excited, I’m excited for her, ”he explains. Benavidez. “When I fulfill my fight (with Uzcategui), I am going to be a contender in the qualifying rounds of the FIB and from CMB, so I’ll be next on the list.

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