“Joshua will run out of ideas against Usyk,” warns Tyson Fury

Joshua se quedará sin ideas contra Usyk, advierte Tyson Fury

Tyson fury, heavyweight champion of the CMB, he assured that Oleksandr Usyk it will give a lot of problems to Anthony Joshua this September 25 in his fight in London, where the Englishman will expose his belts.

“I believe that AJ he will go out and try to box a little more, because of this new way he fights now and uses his jab, “he explained. Tyson fury in interview for Boxing Scene. “And he knows he’s not in the physical condition to fight someone under sustained pressure, and keep that boxing, because he will tire after three rounds. And then he will need three or four rounds to recover. “

Fury think that the dynamic style of Usyk will make that Anthony Joshua get cloudy in your boxing.

Usyk it will be on him all the time, making him fight, ”he says. Fury. “So I hope it’s uncomfortable, maybe it will be a bit like a chess game for a few rounds. And I think that AJ you will run out of ideas. If you don’t connect him early in the fight, and knock him out with big punches, I think it’s going to turn out to be a tough night for AJ and maybe even a knockout loss. “

Tyson Fury hopes Usyk defeats Joshua

Fury he said his favorite is Usyk to take the win and gave some reasons why he could defeat the reigning champion.

“I’m not a gambling man, so I don’t really bet,” he said. Fury. But I can give many reasons why AJ lose this fight and Usyk wins it. One is that (Usyk) is a great southpaw and he’s awkward and he’s a skilled boxer. I think it hits harder than people think. But it’s not about how hard you hit, it’s that you have to keep hitting the target and sooner or later the great bodybuilder will have the seams split open, like a cheap old cushion. It will fall apart. And also to Joshua) runs out of ideas pretty quickly. It’s a one-trick guy. “

What if Joshua loses?

As for the possibility that Anthony Joshua lose with Usyk and the long-awaited fight against Fury for the supremacy of the heavy, the Gypsy king He assured that surely other fights will make their way.

“If I lost Saturday (Joshua), I would be quite disappointed, ”he said Fury. “But everything happens for a reason. And when one door closes, another opens. And we will see what happens. You know, the heavyweight landscape is pretty crazy from everything we’ve seen in the last 20 years. Fighters lose, they come back, they lose again, whatever. It is a crazy world. Anyone can beat anyone in heavy duty because they are the big guys and with one hit it can all end, as we have seen many, many times. So with the heavy, you can never bet your house, unless you want to lose. Nothing is ever one hundred percent. Even if you are fighting the worst heavyweight in the world and you are the best heavyweight in the world, there is always the possibility that you may run into a big hit, and it can all end. So everyone has to be alert and stay focused 100 percent of the time in the ring against any opponent. “

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