NFL Predictions: Game Plan for Week 3

NFL Predictions: Game Plan for Week 3

Week 2 turned out to be as good or even better than Week 3 thanks to the amount of excitement and dramatic game closings, all to the delight of the fans.

The results “exterminating pools” were again in order, which also resulted in the unexpected undefeated teams like Raiders, Broncos and 49’s, who will seek to stay like that for another week.

Among the hot topics for the weekend are the Rams’ duels against Bucs: the change of command in Chicago’s offense and the future significance of Lamar Jackson’s great performance against Kansas City.



Although I initially believed it was sensible to start Andy Dalton, considering that we are facing the iron-clad Rams defense, I do think it’s time for Justin Fields.

Now Dalton is injured, but before his knee was affected, he was not taking care of the ball, which is his main attribute. If that does not happen, it is better to give the starting line to Fields, who will have his mistakes, but at the same time add an athleticism and an unpredictability to that offense that Dalton cannot give them. You only need to see the reactions of his teammates when Fields is behind center, to realize what his teammates want.

ALFONSO MANCILLA / Twitter: @poncho_mancilla

Late but not sleepy. This is how the Bears seem to act regarding their situation with respect to the quarterbarck, this because although Andy Dalton served as the seasoned veteran, Justin Fields is the future of the team.

Fields will give Chicago’s offense a different perspective on offense and, if he lives up to the expectations he generated for his performance in college football, he’ll give us spectacular Lamar Jackson-style plays.

IVIS ABURTO / Twitter: @IvisAburto

Despite the fact that Patrick Mahomes practically did not play in his first year, it seems that the idea of ​​giving a quarterback a year of adaptation and learning is already a thing of the past in the current NFL and although Matt Nagy brings Andy Reid’s school, he had to give in to the new dynamics of the league.

Justin Fields is a current mold quarterback, that is, he is not a bag, he is agile and fast, he runs and he does it well. As in everything, there are risks: if you decide to run, you are exposed to strong blows, but you would also be exposed in the protection bag. The rookie’s mobility will help make the Bears’ offense more versatile and dynamic, and just by putting him to play, Nagy will get into serious trouble with the fans if he decides to send Andy Dalton onto the field, even if Fields has two or three. bad games.

PABLO VIRUEGA / Twitter: @PabloViruega

They should have named him from the start of the season. I understand that Andy Dalton’s experience is above Justin Fields, as it is obvious, one is a rookie and the other has been in the League for more than 10 years. The point is that you have so many options with one or the other.

With Dalton we already knew what his top might be, we saw him in his best years with the Bengals. With Fields, the limit can be very high because he has more tools as a quarterback than Dalton.

Fields has much greater mobility and for the schemes that are played today in the NFL and for the same system as Matt Nagy, it is better for him to have a quarterback with those characteristics. For those who think that Fields is not ready yet and is going to make mistakes, I ask you when is a quarterback ready? You will not know if you do not put him on the field and that he is going to make mistakes, yes and possibly many because he is a rookie, but you bet on him in the draft. Peyton Manning threw for three touchdown passes and 11 interceptions (three games with three) in his first three NFL games.

CARLOS NAVA / Twitter: @TapaNava

It’s not yet time for Justin Fields to be the starting quarterback. The Bears should continue with Andy Dalton, who was off to a good start to the season before the injury.

He came out the Sunday before against Cincinnati with 9 of 11 completions, a touchdown without an interception. A week earlier, against the Rams defense they were 27 of 38 and 206 yards, even though they almost never had protection.

There is no need to rush the development of the youthful Fields. It should not be forgotten that Chicago was in the playoffs last year and that Dalton represents five million dollars in the salary cap.


SEBASTIAN: It has always been the case in Baltimore. Lamar Jackson is an incredibly special talent, who has been critically criticized in his career. Whenever someone does things differently, they are initially greeted with shock and questioning.

That is why he is often criticized for not having a good time, despite the fact that a couple of years he led the NFL in passing yards, instead of praising the fact that he can do with his legs, what no other quarterback can do. in the NFL. The Ravens’ rushing attack averages more than 200 yards rushing per game, has a clear identity, and it’s largely thanks to Lamar Jackson.

ALFONSO: Lamar Jackson knows he is on the verge of a contract extension and is clearly playing to deserve a dollarization that, at least, brings him closer to what Patrick Mahomes negotiated.

This situation will surely cause Lamar to try to push himself every week to the fullest, so it will be the responsibility of the coaching staff to implement game plans that protect his boy, who, likewise, looks up to the level to fight for another MVP trophy.

IVIS: In some ways, Lamar has carried the most weight in Baltimore’s attack since he was the starting quarterback. The Ravens noticed this and came into the regular season with the idea that Jackson would play more in the protection pocket, that is, that he would perform more conventionally for his position and not be the “average” quarterback who runs (that’s why the “current” thing) at the slightest opportunity, however, Jackson’s discomfort in Week 1 under that scheme was notable.

Against the Chiefs, the Ravens returned to using Jackson in a traditional way and the quarterback played in his environment: in the Pistol formation, with the read option and with the option to run whenever I wanted. Jackson’s running versatility will give the Ravens plenty of yards and wins, but just as he’s given them plenty of regular-season wins, that style hasn’t powered Baltimore in the playoffs.

PABLO: Not every week can he play a game like the one he did last Sunday, which was brilliant the way he overcame the two interceptions to be the engine of the offense.

A week earlier, he had dropped two balls in the loss to the Raiders and that is where the two serious questions lie in the future of the Ravens. Lamar has to play almost perfect on the ground and in the air, in addition to taking care of the ball and staying healthy. In both respects, Baltimore runs a high risk because of the way it is exposed.

With the addition of the other running backs they can put some weight on Lamar on offense, but that’s the nature of their system and the Ravens have accepted it and are playing it with that risk.

CHARLIE: It is impossible to think that Lamar Jackson can “play alone”. In the year he was MVP of the NFL he had a 1,118-yard runner (Mark Ingram) and a 711-yard runner (Gus Edwards), in addition to his game plan had a very good air system, which resulted in 3,000 127 yards. The day Tennessee knocked them out in the first postseason game, divisional round, Ingram and Edwards combined for 42 yards.

In the NFL you no longer win consistently with a one-dimensional game plan or with a single player wanting to do everything, like in peewee football.


SEBASTIAN: None. We are talking about two very powerful offenses, which can be limited occasionally, but not stopped. The Buccaneers defense is excellent against the running game, but it has some holes in the back that Matthew Stafford and company should take advantage of.

At the same time, Tom Brady will ditch the fast ball to counter potential pressure from the Rams’ very good defensive front.

In other words, shootout in Los Angeles, where the team with the ultimate ball is likely to end up winning this high-scoring game.

ALFONSO: The conditions do not favor either of them. The offensive streak that Tom Brady has shown with the Bucs and the arsenal that Rams presents gives one to think that the game will be of many points.

The role of both defenses should be focused on making big plays: interceptions or fumbles that provide good field position or, ideally, points in favor of their cause.

Of course, the defense that has to defend the last advantage of the game will have a very hard commitment to settle.

IVIS: Just as Tom Brady has done superhuman things in his two decades in the NFL, he’s also susceptible to the kryptonite of any quarterback in league history: pressure. Although he has not started at the level he demonstrated in 2020, if there is a defense capable of exerting pressure with only their front lines, it is the Rams, who since 2020 have rushed or hit opposing passers in 29 percent of passing plays. with four or fewer elements (fourth in the NFL).

In last season’s game between the Rams and Bucs, Los Angeles sent load packages (five or more defenders) to Brady on 16 percent of his passing plays, and in that meeting, the Tampa Bay quarterback completed 54. percent of his passes, 26 percent of his shipments were off target, according to ESPN Stats & Information. It seems that the Rams defense can repeat the dose.

PABLO: Both are great defenders with great capacities to react and cover many areas of the field. The defense that prevails will go through its strengths but also through the weaknesses of the opposing offense and at that point, the Rams are still in the process of adaptation, in addition to that Tampa Bay has more weapons to attack in various areas of the field and with different players. That’s why I think the Buccaneers defense will prevail because they have a better team.

CHARLIE: The Rams defense will impose conditions because the Tampa Bay defense suffers a lot to cover passes and more with the absence of two starters in the secondary.

The Rams attack mainly through the air with Matthew Stafford and the Buccanneers defense is the second to last against the pass and their strength is against the run .; they are the seconds that less yards allow. That’s why the Cowboys, for example, came out throwing passes all game.

The Rams are a mid-table defense against the run, but Tampa Bay doesn’t run; penultimate in the league.

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