The preview of the 9th date of the URBA Top 12, with more than interesting crosses

The preview of the 9th date of the URBA Top 12, with more than interesting crosses

The URBA Top 12 starts its ninth day. This Saturday there will be six crosses that promise good rugby and can be defining. At 1:40 p.m., Alumni will receive CUBA live on Star + in Tortuguitas. At the same time, from 15.30 ALMOST will play at home against Live Regattas on Star + and starting at 3:40 p.m., Pucará will play at home when facing Newman live on Star +. For its part, there will be three other confrontations that can be enjoyed by from the 15.30: SIC – Buenos Aires, San Luis – Belgrano and Los Tilos – Hindu.

Alumni vs. CUBA (Saturday at 1:40 p.m. live on Star +)

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: If something had not shown Alumni in this URBA Top 12, it was the character they had on Newman’s court to overcome a rival who arrived at a very high level. First of all, because of the good they did with the ball, they handled it with great determination and had Mariano Romanini in an excellent match –he scored two tries-. The second positive facet of the Neyra-Van der Ghote duo was in their defense, which multiplied when they were outnumbered and did very well. The 19-18 victory put them back in the playoffs zone, great news for Tortuguitas. CUBA does not come in a good streak. Is that the fixture put Hindú, Newman and SIC in a row, with whom they lost the three games in a row. On Saturday, in Villa de Mayo, they were visited by the last champion and they fell by 13 to 8.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: If Belgrano confirms his comeback, six clubs would remain for four places. Alumni and CUBA are emerging as two of them, today fourth vs. fifth. On the local side, they arrive with great optimism, after the good victory in Benavídez. On the side of CUBA, the objective will be to cut the series of three consecutive defeats.

BACKGROUND: The last four times they met were with Alumni triumphs: by 37 to 10 and 34 to 20 in 2019 and 14 to 11 and 33 to 29 in 2018. CUBA took the 2017 clash, by 34 to 18 in Villa de Mayo .

ALMOST vs. Regattas (Saturday at 3.30 pm live on Star +)

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: Last Saturday was a good day of rugby for CASI and for Regattas. The Academy, due to its good victory against Buenos Aires, got 20 points in the final stages of the match and five tries converted against its rival (42-22). Regatas won its first game after seven rounds 31-19 over San Luis with 16 points from its kicker, Mateo Camerlinckx.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: So far neither team has had the best tournament. The coincidence is that they were two very young formations that were armed throughout the competition and that, perhaps, they could have obtained more points.

BACKGROUND: 2019 did not leave pleasant memories for CASI in their duels against Regatas. In La Catedral they lost by 31 to 3 and in Bella Vista by 27 to 17. In 2018 the reverse situation occurred: those of Bella Vista lost both matches, by 45 to 24 on their court and by 39 to 20 in San Isidro.

Pucara vs. Newman (Saturday at 3:40 p.m. live on Star +)

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: It was not a good weekend for Pucará and neither for Newman. Those from Burzaco lost on their visit to Don Torcuato, 46-12 with seven tries received in their ingoal. On Newman’s side, they still regret the match they had against Alumni. The fall from 19 to 18 hurt, because at times they were within reach of turning it. But the expulsion of Ceppi, a canceled try and the subsequent injury of Gutiérrez Taboada complicated the day, which finally ended with a celebrated victory that went to Tortuguitas.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: For the Cuta Jorge team, this tournament represents a starting point to form a new team. They were the club that suffered the most from the exodus abroad of Argentine players. They lost almost an entire team, although at times they proved to be competitive nonetheless. For Newman, the illusion is intact, beyond the setback of last Saturday and the teaching will have to take it so as not to repeat the same mistakes that they suffered before Alumni.

BACKGROUND: They arrive with the antecedent of two consecutive victories for Pucará in 2019. One for 29 to 19 in Burzaco and another for 31 to 25 in Benavídez. In 2018 El Cardenal achieved his latest success, with a 61-29 win.

SIC vs. Buenos Aires (Saturday at 15.30 live on

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: SIC regained the lead alone thanks to a hard-fought victory over CUBA in Villa de Mayo. The final 13 to 8 marked the parity that was in the entire match, which had a partial of 10 to 0 for the trenchers. In the second half, Boulogne’s team could only add with a penalty from Joaquín Lamas, which was enough to win. Meanwhile, Buenos Aires played a great game against CASI, but it was not enough. The equality in 22 goals when averaging the second stage presaged a closure both by both, however La Academia was better in that final stretch and ended up winning it with a difference of 20 points, by 42 to 22.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: For the last champion, there is no doubt that the level shown makes him one of the candidates to revalidate the 2019 title. A single defeat against Newman, the only setback in an unobjectionable campaign to date. At BACRC they are living a stage of adaptation to a tournament that they had not played for a long time. With no relegation this season, the focus will be on 2022 and also on improving what they did in this tournament.

BACKGROUND: They have not played since 2016 in the SIC, where the trenchers won by 38 to 21. The last victory of those from Victoria in San Isidro was in 2003, when on the tenth date of the tournament they won by 18 to 15.

St. Louis vs. Belgrano (Saturday at 3.30 pm live on

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: San Luis did not do well in his visit to Bella Vista, where he lost his sixth game of the year to Regatas by 31 to 19. After a partial of 18 to 0 down there was some reaction in the complement that was not reflected in points, for the very good defense imposed by the local team. Belgrano was superior to Los Tilos from the beginning, with a clear 26 to 3 in the set. The second part of the match was more even, although the difference was finally ratified by Brown with two more tries, to win 38-15.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: Undoubtedly, in San Luis the generational change that occurred in the campus was noticed. Before Regatas there were intentions, but they failed in the resolution. Belgrano also needed time to put together his best version. They arrive in good time thanks to the fact that they won the last three games. You can see that they consolidated the things they did well in the last few days, especially on the forwards side.

BACKGROUND: The clashes of the last two tournaments were of such intensity and parity that they were decided in the last stages of the matches. In 2019, Belgrano won at the Summit, by 22 to 15 and tied at Virrey del Pino with 34 points. In 2018, the Maristas won both games agonizingly and by the minimum: 42 to 41 in La Plata and 33 to 32 in Buenos Aires.

Los Tilos vs. Hindu (Saturday at 3.30pm live on

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: After not playing in the URBA Top 12 for so long, reaching the final part of the first stage of the tournament with four wins is not bad for a club that fought hard to get back in the top twelve. Los Tilos comes from falling with Belgrano, while Hindú was the other side, with a wide superiority over Pucará, in such a way that they managed to take a 41-0 lead by averaging the second half. The two tries of the Burzaco team decorated the final score, 46 to 12, although in the development a clear superiority of the Elephant was always noticed.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: They have not played in the Barrio Obrero for a long time, where green in some distant time already gave Hindu a headache. Today the story is different, with Los Tilos having an unbeatable opportunity to show the growth of recent years and with the opportunity to prove themselves against one of the candidates for the title. For the team led by Toto Fernández Miranda and all his staff, last Saturday was one of the best games this year. The idea will be not to lower the level and focus on what is coming.

BACKGROUND: They face each other again after five years. Los Tilos has a huge challenge: to cut 19 years without victories against Hindú. The last time they won was in 2002 in Barrio Obrero and by the minimum, 15 to 14. In 2016 the Elephant won his visit to La Plata, by 47 to 30.

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