The worst moment of Paolo Montero’s career as First Division coach

The worst moment of Paolo Montero's career as First Division coach

Paolo Montero goes through his worst moment as a First Division coach, winning one of the last nine games. Since he began his career as a coach, with an internship at Peñarol in the 2014/2015 season, he has never experienced a situation with similar characteristics.

Paolo has led 12 games in front of San Lorenzo, of which he won three, drew four and lost the remaining five, which translates into 36.11% of the points won.

The Uruguayan coach is on the tightrope. Last weekend, after losing to Rosario Central, people exploded on social networks.

This Thursday night, in the San Lorenzo basketball game against Boca, the fans insulted Marcelo Tinelli (president of the club who is on leave) and asked as a song “Let them all leave, not one left.”

After the defeat with Central, Paolo was asked in a press conference if his cycle in San Lorenzo was at risk and he responded.

“I don’t know what the cycle can be defined to, I’ve been here for three months. The cycle from my point of view may be finished in December when the objectives set by the leaders are not achieved. But, if the championship ends and the objectives are not achieved, I am the first to step aside, as happened to me in Central, that the objective was to win the Argentine Cup, it was not achieved, we lost the semifinal and I left. I still do not believe that my cycle is finished because there are many games to go and the objectives that the leaders have set for us can be achieved. We are aware that many important players left and in recent games there have been improvements. But it is normal that in countries like ours the improvements are not noticed, the results are noticed “.

Montero in San Lorenzo

Arsenal 1 – San Lorenzo 1

San Lorenzo 1 – Central Córdoba 0

Boca 0 – San Lorenzo 2

San Lorenzo 1 – Banfield 1

Union 4 – San Lorenzo 0

Workshops 2 – San Lorenzo 0

San Lorenzo 0 – Argentines 1

Students 2 – San Lorenzo 0

San Lorenzo 3 – Board 0

Platense 1 – San Lorenzo 1

San Lorenzo 1 – Racing 1

Rosario 1 – San Lorenzo 0

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