This is how Canelo trains the movement with which Caleb Plant’s blow was removed

Ganchos de izquierda que esquivó Canelo, 24/9/21

Eddy reynoso boasted a video of Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez in a sparring session in which he trains by taking off a blow very similar to the one he Caleb Plant He threw him at the press conference, and that the Mexican also managed to evade.

“Practicing this brings good results,” he said. Eddy in a story of Instagram in which Canelo the blow he threw is removed with great speed Ronald ellis.

In a great movement of the waist it is appreciated as Saul back off and then proceeds to counterattack in a kind of decal to what was his reaction after the blow he threw Plant to surprise you.

Alvarez confessed that his heated reaction was the result of insults from Caleb towards his mother, a situation that he was not willing to let go of.

Plant he suffered a cut in the face, but said it was the result of the sunglasses he wore in the presentation.

After several seconds of going head-to-head, both boxers began to insult each other and the Mexican gave a push to Plant, who got upset.

When i was close to Saul, He threw a left slap that managed to dodge the Jalisco and then give him three blows with an open hand.

Although he did not go any further in his statements, the American said he did not understand the reaction of Alvarez, when he previously used the same words to offend and mock Demetrius Andrade.

The other left punch that Canelo took off

This is not the first time he has been seen Canelo practicing this movement in which he trains and takes off a blow like the one he threw at him Plant.

In October of last year, during a sparring session with his partner, the heavyweight Frank Sanchez, the Cuban tried to surprise with a violent left hook to Saul, but again his reflexes appeared to take the blow off the full weight.

Having connected it could have brought a harsh consequence for Saul considering the difference in tonnage.

Nevertheless, Canelo reflected that he is in the best moment of his career.

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