Wuhan, city where covid arose, leads candidacies for 2036 Olympics

Wuhan, city where covid arose, leads candidacies for 2036 Olympics

The Chinese city of Wuhan, where Covid-19 arose, is among the candidates to organize the 2036 Olympic Games

London, Istanbul, Jakarta, Budapest, Doha, Vladivostok and Wuhan, the city where Covid-19 arose, They are part of the large group of cities wanting to organize the 2036 Olympic Games, on which Madrid’s municipal officials have debated this week without reaching a conclusion on a possible candidacy.

Under a new election system in which there are no fixed deadlines for submitting projects, but rather “constant dialogue” between ‘stakeholders’ and the International Olympic Committee (IOC), almost a dozen countries want to be part of that process and explore your options of seeing the Olympic flame light up your territory in fifteen years.

It is a long period, but the IOC tends to grant the venues more and more in advance to have the Games tied to unforeseen events such as those it has experienced in the last decade: a global economic crisis and a pandemic of no lesser scope.

The Los Angeles 2028 and Brisbane 2032 Games were awarded 11 years in advance, compared to the 7 with which they were assigned until Paris 2024. The Australian city was, just two months ago, the first chosen with the new procedure: a IOC committee selects its favorite discreetly, without public events, and the assembly ratifies the election with its vote.

If Madrid finally decides to join the dialogue with the IOC, it will not be alone and its rivals will be many.

The most striking project is the one that the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, raised last May, hours before being reelected to his position: a new candidacy for 2036 or 2040 to organize the “cheapest and most sustainable Games in history. “, which were part of the recovery of the British capital after the pandemic.

London would thus become the first city to host the Games four times, after the 1908, 1948 and 2012 editions.

Another mayor, that of Istanbul, Ekrem Imamoglu, said in July, coinciding with the opening of Tokyo 2020, that he was “convinced to win” if they were presented by 2036, in what would be his sixth attempt.

The Turkish city was a rival to Madrid in 2012 and 2020. On this occasion it was directly responsible for the elimination of the Spanish project, which it beat in a tiebreaker (49-45) in the first round; then fell to Tokyo.

In Russia, the interest in having the Games is so great that there are already at least three cities that already compete with each other: Saint Petersburg, Kazan and, as a recent addition, Vladivostok. But Russia will have to wait for the sanctions that fell on its sport for doping to expire, at the end of 2022, before making any move that involves launching a candidacy.

Qatar, Indonesia, India, the two Koreas, Germany and Budapest showed to a greater or lesser extent their interest in hosting the Olympic event in 2032, so the jug of cold water that the award of the Games to Brisbane meant for them can make them reconsider the date and carry over your plans four years later.

Qatar, the organizing country of the 2022 World Cup, has already submitted candidacies for the 2016 and 2020 Games. Both were ruled out by the IOC due to problems derived from high temperatures in summer or, if the dates were moved to October, due to incompatibility with the international sports calendar.

In July 2020, the Qatari Olympic Committee informed the IOC of its interest in the 2032 Games. If next year’s World Cup is a success, it is very likely that it will be used as a springboard for a new Olympic attempt.

When the IOC announced last February that Brisbane was its option for 2032, Budapest had just assembled a small bid team that no longer had time to take further steps. But just three weeks ago the so-called Budapest 2032 Committee was renamed the Commission for the Olympic Games in Budapest, with the aim of entering that phase of dialogue in which the fate of the applicants is now being decided.

The South Korean committee indicated that it would continue working on a possible joint project with North Korea, although this country’s Olympic suspension for not participating in the Tokyo Games ends these plans in the short term, in any case of difficult transfer to reality.

From Germany, where a candidacy was brewing around Düsseldorf, they showed their surprise at the sudden election of Brisbane. But Jurgen Kessing, president of the German athletics federation, said the region would stay in the fight and try to “take the lead” for future editions.

However, there are disagreements among the sports authorities about the opportunity to host the Games in 2036, when it will be a century since the edition held in Berlin to the greater glory of Adolf Hitler.

“It would be unthinkable,” Interior Minister Horst Seehofer said a few months ago.

They even thought about overcoming this emotional obstacle with a joint bid with Tel Aviv, the city that would organize the sailing and surfing events. The idea was later diluted.

In the case of India, plans are known to establish a roadmap leading to one of its cities, perhaps Ahmedabad, to be considered.

Indonesia maintains “a constant dialogue” with the IOC regarding Jakarta’s options and last July its Olympic committee assumed they would be candidates for 2036.

Not even China, which will host the winter Games in Beijing next February, renounces having the summer games again, with twelve cities interested, including Shanghai, Wuhan and Chengdu.

Madrid, which chose to organize the 2012, 2016 and 2020 Games, now seems to be resuming its Olympic aspirations and the last week has been the subject of statements of a different kind.

Deputy Mayor Begoña Villacís announced on Tuesday that the city council was already working on a candidacy for 2036, which was immediately denied by the mayor, José Luis Martínez Almeida.

After a meeting between Almeida and the president of the Spanish Olympic Committee, Alejandro Blanco, both indicated that they have been working for “months” to turn Madrid “one day” into an Olympic venue, without specifying which year is their goal.

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