Fantasy for Week 3; you have to go with Derek Carr

Fantasy for Week 3;  you have to go with Derek Carr

The passage of the Raiders is due to Carr and the quarterback is giving good points for the fantasy leagues

What games await us this weekend in the NFL, with authentic classics like the 49ers against the Packers and the Steelers taking on the Bengals. All before closing week three of the NFL with the Cowboys hosting Philadelphia.

But let’s go to what interests us all. Here are my recommendations for sleepers that you should consider this week.

Good luck to all of you with your teams from the Fantasy Football.

The Raiders have had a great start to the season, and they owe it in large part to Derek Carr, who alone against the Steelers threw for 382 yards and two touchdowns, with no interception. Those numbers alone make him one of the best options as a quarterback, although he is not yet a fantasy favorite.

Plus, they’re going against the Dolphins, who have allowed at least 16 points per game in their first three games. It all looks like the Raiders will score at will, and that’s great news for those who play with Carr.

The Broncos were lucky this year with three easy opponents to pick up the pace and give confidence to their quarterback, who currently has two touchdowns per game. And now it’s his turn to play the Jets, who this year will be one of the worst teams in the league.

The truth is, there is not much to add. Even if the Broncos have a balanced offense, I’m confident Bridgewater has similar numbers to last week. If you have the opportunity, choose it.

Ty’Son Williams got off to a good start this season, with at least 65 yards a game and one touchdown so far. They are not spectacular numbers, but he is still a reliable running back capable of gaining the difficult yards.

Plus, the Ravens will finally have a relatively easy opponent with the Detroit Lions, who allowed more than 30 points in their first two games.

Mike Davis and the Falcons have a chance to win their first game of the season this Sunday when they face the Giants. Although both are on a losing streak, New Yorkers are the worst offenders, even letting Washington snatch the game from them last weekend.

No matter how the game ends, Davis should have a good game taking advantage of the gaps that are sure to be made in the Giants’ offense.

Although he didn’t score, Mooney was one of the stars last week, adding six receptions for 66 yards in the Bears’ win over Cincinnati. He also has in his favor that it is only his second year in the NFL and he does not receive the same marking as Allen Robinson.

To finish convincing you, I remind you that the secondary defense is one of Cleveland’s weak points this season. Betting on a Bears player is not easy, but it is not as great a risk as it seems, I assure you.

For a rookie, Osborn started his NFL career pretty strong, immediately becoming one of Cousins’ top passing targets, second only to Adam Thielen. What’s more, in two games he has 15 receptions for 131 yards and three touchdowns, making him one of the best sleepers in his position.

Add to that the Vikings are going against Seattle, who allowed more than 300 passing yards to the Texans last week. It’s best to take advantage of Osborn before he becomes popular.

He went from doing nothing in week one to adding seven receptions and 94 yards against the Vikings, and I am confident that we will see Williams’ best version again this Sunday against the Jaguars, with everything and that the Cardinals have a great body of receivers to distribute your passes.

True, he is quite an irregular player, so it is not a safe bet, but we have the advantage that goes against Jacksonville, which is not one of the best teams in the league defending against the pass. If you need the points, and you are not afraid to bet, Williams may be what you need.

For the second week in a row I recommend choosing Jared Cook. Not only because there are not so many options to choose from, but because he has not played bad games. Although his numbers last week were pretty mediocre, with three receptions for 28 yards, I remind you that the officials did not approve of a touchdown.

Additionally, the Chiefs have allowed opposing tight ends to catch the ball 81 percent of the time, with 14.3 yards of forward per reception. He may not have many plays this Sunday either, but it will be a high-point game, and I think he will score at least once.

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