Francisco Palladino: “Viatri’s debut in Deportivo is a reason for happiness for all”

Francisco Palladino: "Viatri's debut in Deportivo is a reason for happiness for all"

Francisco Palladino, coach of Deportivo Maldonado, he spoke with ESPN on the debut of the Argentine forward Lucas viatri in the Fernandino team, which this Saturday returned to victory in the Uruguayan Championship by defeating River 2-1 in Saroldi Park on the third date of the Clausura Tournament.

The former Boca and Peñarol striker trained at Deportivo since June, and this weekend he returned to play after more than a year (his last meeting was on March 17, 2020 in Colón de Santa Fe). Viatri was one of the great figures of the match, he won almost all aerial duels, scored a 1-0 penalty at 44 ‘and played until 82’, when he was replaced by Sebastián González.

Palladino considered after the meeting: “The fact that Lucas was able to make his debut after spending so much time with us is a source of happiness for everyone. I am not going to discover absolutely anything about his soccer attributes and all that he can contribute to us; regardless of that, The commitment that he has had with the team and with the project leaves us very happy, and it was reflected in the work he did this Saturday”.

The Depor team had the great virtue of searching for Viatri constantly, but always with good judgment. Asked about not abusing or becoming predictable with the passing game by having the Argentine striker, Palladino assured: “Obviously he ‘is a beacon’, he is a very important caller. And if you keep winning every time you look for it, it is clear that you will continue to look for it; however, it is important to have a certain style and model of the game, knowing how to use this more than important variant well ”.

Deportivo had not won since the eighth date of the Apertura, when at the end of June they beat Montevideo City Torque as a visitor. Then there were nine games without victories in the Uruguayan Championship (draws against Fénix and Cerrito, and falls against South America, Villa Española, Plaza Colonia, Nacional, Boston River, Liverpool and Wanderers).

The coach pointed out: “A long time ago we could not add three and achieving it this Saturday was important for the people, for the team and for the project. I think it was a fair result ”.

“We limit the rival a lot, something that against River is not easy to do, and we hit in the moments we had to do it, beyond the fact that at the beginning we had a very clear goal situation that we did not specify. Now we are with a measured joy for the victory that allows us to continue working with the same conviction ”, said the coach.

The coach highlighted “the cohesion of the team, rebellion, patience” to be able to overcome that important adverse streak in the results and “overcome situations that were repeated, such as missing a very clear goal.”

“Overcoming those ghosts that the same thing could happen to us again was very important. On a football level, I think the best thing was the high pressure we were able to handle, especially in the second half, playing far from our area. The fact of playing as a visitor against a team with so many variations and not having very clear risk situations in our goal in the complement, I think it speaks of a team that showed its face several meters in front of its area and that is a very factor important ”, he emphasized.

Defending themselves in a great way, Depor made their second goal in the 90th minute with the good definition of Eduardo Darias; In the last moment of the match, Matías Arezo discounted for the local team, scoring the final 2-1 away.

Palladino indicated about the value of winning: “Without a doubt, the player needs victory; to be able to sustain certain sermons and others, undoubtedly progress has to be seen ”.

“We came with good feelings, but obviously they have to be transmitted in results. And that in the last games had not happened; This victory is important to continue growing and believing ”, he concluded.

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