José Siri: The “Giant” who seeks to shine like an “Astro”

José Siri: The "Giant" who seeks to shine like an "Astro"

The Dominican player came to the Major Leagues after almost a decade in the minor league circuits and after becoming one of the best players in Dominican winter baseball.

Name Joseph Siri It is extremely well known in the Dominican Republic. The member of the Giants of the Cibao He has become one of the most prominent winter baseball players in the Caribbean country, being considered by some to be among the best players today.

Despite this, the journey of Siri towards Big leagues It has been a long and hard one, which has finally paid dividends, thanks to which the Dominican debuted with Houston Astros, taking advantage of the great opportunity that has been presented to him.

Certainly, before being able to evaluate the permanence of “Lightning” in the Big leagues, the Astros they will have to see much more from the Dominican player, who has taken his opportunity to show his talents in 16 games played. The player is hitting .306 with a .342 on-base percentage (OBP) and a .639 slugging percentage (SLG), good for a .981 OPS. He has hit four home runs, despite not being the type of power hitter the MLB is used to, and has also driven in eight runs.

In the same way, Siri He is a good defense player, which he already showed during his first matches, which is of the utmost importance when occupying a position in a contending team such as Houston. In the same way, he is an extremely efficient player when it comes to stealing bases, which he has been able to demonstrate with three scams in four attempts.

The capacity of Siri is tested in the winter ball, having won the prize of Most valuable Player of the Final Series in the 2018-19 season with the Giants of Cibao, so for those who are used to seeing him play, what the Dominican is doing in his first opportunity to Big leagues, it is simply a transition at the highest level of what you have used to show.

At this time it is difficult to determine whether Joseph Siri will have a spot on the postseason roster of the Astros or if it will return to Big leagues in 2022. What has been more than proven is that “Lightning“Will take advantage of each of the opportunities given to it in the”Big tent”And Houston is the biggest beneficiary of having such talent at this point in the season.

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