Maravilla Martínez won in a closed ruling and is close to the title


Sergio “Wonder” Martinez was imposed on Brian “The Lion” Rose on the cards, after a very close and strategic contest.

At 46 years old, Sergio Martinez He showed that his tireless spirit still pays him off. After 10 rounds of pure tactics against Brian rose, reaped a new triumph by unanimous decision.

This, his third win after six years of inactivity, raises the alarms in the World Boxing Association, entity that has Martinez as third classified.

Maravilla Martínez grew round by round against Brian Rose

Sergio “Wonder” Martinez and Brian “The Lion” Rose they devoted, logically and predictably, the first round to studying and measuring distances.

For the second round, Brian rose He came out at a weary but firm step. He looked for an oversight of Sergio Martinez and, although it found it, it did not obtain preponderance.

The medium and short distance continued as a premise in the third round. Without taking out his well-known dexterous jab, Martinez managed to corner and cut Rose.

In the fourth portion, the lion he was limited by bleeding from his left eye. Wonderful took the opportunity to pressure and manage the times of combat.

During the fifth turn, the Argentine continued with the attack initiative. For his part, the Briton showed his most offensive version, although it did not represent a major danger for his rival.

Martinez and his tactical duel with Brian Rose

Sixth round, and Sergio “Wonder” Martinez continued his strategic battle against Brian “The Lion” Rose. He managed to bring out his best left.

The coldness in the thoughts of Sergio Martinez and Brian rose continued in the seventh round. They both risked little, because they knew they could lose a lot.

Naturally mean, also in the eighth portion, Rose looked for another oversight Martinez, who tried to shorten spaces and hit his rival closely, without much success.

The psychological game of Wonderful failed to open the guard the lion in the ninth round, who seemed not to cheer up any more than he got with short, ineffective bursts.

Without much, the Argentine managed to take the tenth turn. Not in the mood to advance, the Englishman suffered the onslaught of his opponent, while systematically backing away.

Finally, all the cards gave victory to the Quilmeño, who once again showed how old the wind is, but it still blows.

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