Newman became strong and beat Pucará in Burzaco

Newman became strong and beat Pucará in Burzaco

For the ninth date of the Urba Top 12, Newman was forceful and took a great victory against Pucara by 34 to 10, with bonus point included, in Burzaco.

On a spring afternoon and on a field where the wind is always the protagonist, El Cardenal took a victory to finish second, three points behind. SIC.

Yes OK Pucara started better, the score was opened by the visit at 15 ‘hand in hand with the figure of the field, Lucas Marguery. Quickly German Klubus discounted with a penalty to leave the game 3 to 7 in favor of Newman. Nevertheless, John Baptist Daireaux broke the local defense to close the first half by 14 to 3 in favor of Benavídez.

As soon as the second half started, the visit got the third try of the day through Teófilo Garay and thanks Florencio Llerena, who did not miss the sticks during the afternoon, Newman took off on the scoreboard by 21 to 3.

At 6 ‘, those of Burzaco they managed to discount thanks to Juan Delguy and, although they tried to get into the game, the effectiveness of Llerena Against the sticks he was excellent and stretched the lead with two penalties converted to 27 to 10 for El Cardenal.

At 20 ‘of the second half, those of Burzaco suffered the expulsion of their captain Tulio Sosa and after this it was all uphill. Finally Newman closed the game with a try from the figure of the match Marguery to take the victory by 34 to 10.


PUCARÁ (10): 1. Tulio Sosa (C), 16. Tomás Montes, 23. Tomás Kelly, 4. Mariano Rassetto, 5. Ignacio Coppola, 6. Germán Fiocca, 7. Gregorio Pascual, 8. Leandro Urriza, 9. Germán Klubus, 10. Alejo Coppola, 11. Tomás Buckley, 12. Nicolás González Amorosino, 13. Joaquín Paz, 14. Joaquín Jorge, 15. Juan Delguy.

Changes: PT 35 ‘Mariano Navarro by Tomás Buckley. ST 5 ‘Felipe Amado by Germán Fiocca and Eliseo Fourcade by Ignacio Coppola; 21 ‘Emilio Cambia for Joaquín Paz; 30 ‘Jeremías De Sarro by Tomás Kelly; 31 ‘Valentin Hernán for Joaquín Jorge.

Trainers: Gustavo Jorge, Conrado González Bravo and Nahuel Camargo.

NEWMAN (34): 1. James Wright, 2. Marcelo Brandi, 3. Luciano Borio, 4. Tomás Ureta, 5. Alejandro Urtubey, 6. Jerónimo Ureta, 7. Miguel Urtubey (C), 8. Beltrán Gurmendi, 9. Lucas Marguery, 10 Florencio Llerena, 11. Jerónimo Ulloa, 12. Tomás Keena, 13. Juan Billote, 14. Justo Ortíz Basualdo, 15. Juan Daireaux.

Changes: PT 28 ‘Teófilo Garay by Jerónimo Ureta. ST 10 ‘Agustín Gosio by Justo Ortiz Basualdo and Rodrigo Pueyrrdón by Marcelo Brandi; 14 ‘Mariano Urtubey for Luciano Borio; 20 ‘Miguel Prince for James Wright; 34 ‘Esteban Bouquet by Teófilo Garay.

Trainers: Alfredo Cordone, Marcelo Torres and Javier Urtubey.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 12 ‘Try Lucas Marguery converted by Florencio Llerena (N); 15 ‘Penalty converted by Germán Klubus (P); 27 ‘Try Juan Bautista Daireaux converted by Florencio Llerena (N).

Partial result: PUCARÁ 3 – NEWMAN 14

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 1 ‘Try Teofilo Garay converted by Florencio Llerena (N); 6 ‘Try Juan Delguy converted by Germán Klubus (P); 13 ‘Penalty converted by Florencio Llerena (N) 29’ Penalty converted by Florencio Llerena (N); 38 ‘Try Lucas Marguery converted by Florencio Llerena (N).

Final score: PUCARÁ 10 – NEWMAN 34

Admonished: PT 22 ‘Jerónimo Ulloa (N). ST 20 ‘Miguel Prince (N)

DRIVEN OUT: ST 20 ‘Tulio Sosa (P)

REFEREE: Tomás Bertazza


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