URBA Top 12: Regattas won a very important match against CASI

URBA Top 12: Regattas won a very important match against CASI

In an afternoon with the wind as a great protagonist, Regattas He beat the fair 20-16 to ALMOST on San Isidro by ninth date of the URBA top 12.

The set of Beautiful view He knew how to control his movements with the ball and was able to mislead a ALMOST who failed to accommodate their game, although they looked very solid in the scrum.

With a low first half in points, but high in infractions, both teams had a chance to score on the scoreboard due to penalties for indiscipline. The wind was not of great help for the kickers and the game went to halftime with a partial result favorable to the local by 6 to 3.

The euphoria of The academy it was not enough to achieve great feats in the complement. The only try for him ALMOST was obtained by the fullback Jerome Solveyra who caught a key ball, stepped on the accelerator and supported the oval on the rival goal.

With patience and discipline Regattas He held a game that allowed him to convert two tries that gave him back his illusion, and after a difficult final, with the possibility of turning around, those of Beautiful view they were left with the triumph.


ALMOST 16): 1-Martín Brousson, 2- Juan Torres Obeid, 3- Ignacio Nieto, 4- Tomás Carman, 5- Leonel Mazzini, 6- Agustín Posleman, 7- Joaquín Saenz de Miera, 8- Luis Briatore, 9- Agustín Figuerola (C) , 10- Martín Roger, 11- Joaquín Palisa, 12- Matías Phelan, 13- Benjamín Belaga, 14- Juan Akemeier; 15- Jerónimo Solveyra.

Changes: ST: 19 ‘Facundo Scaiano by Martín Brousson, 25’ Bruno Siri by Agustín Posleman, 30 ‘Luca Canzani by Agustín Figuerola.

Coach: Patricio O’Reilly.

Regattas (20): 1- Diego Torres Agüero, 2- Pedro García Colinas, 3- Beltrán Landivar, 4- Nicolás Juarez Bosch, 5- Esteban Sciandro, 6- Tomás Sanguinetti, 7- Agustín Medrano, 8- Felipe Camerlinckx, 9- Marcos Joseph, 10- José de la Torre, 11- Enrique Camerlinckx, 12- Juan Corso, 13- Alejo Barrera, 14- Felipe Terra, 15- Cruz Camerlinckx (C).

Changes: ST: 13 ‘Santiago Camerlinckx by Esteban Sciandro, 33’ Mateo Trimarco by Beltrán Landivar, 36 ‘Ignacio García Sanabria by Nicolás Juarez Bosch, 40’ Felipe Galli by Diego Torres Agüero.

Trainers: Pablo Camerlinckx and Francisco Camerlinckx.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 1 ‘Penalty by José de la Torre (R), 19’ and 25 ‘Penalty by Martín Roger (C).

Partial result: ALMOST 6–3 Regattas

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 6 ‘Try by Felipe Terra converted by José de la Torre (R), 9’ Try by Jerónimo Solveyra converted by Martín Roger (C), 14 ‘Penalty by Martín Roger (C), 25’ Try by Juan Corso converted by José de la Torre (R), 35 ‘Penalty by José de la Torre (R).

Final score: ALMOST 16 – 20 Regattas

WARNED: ST- 40 ‘Felipe Galli (R).

REFEREE: Juan Manuel Aleman.


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