Intractable! Falcao reached his third goal and third consecutive victory since his arrival at Rayo: Now they beat Cádiz

Intractable!  Falcao reached his third goal and third consecutive victory since his arrival at Rayo: Now they beat Cádiz

It was the first time Radamel Falcao appeared as a headline in Vallecano Ray since his recent arrival at the club, in the two previous games he entered the complementary stage and had scored, this time was no exception. El Tigre participated in the play of the first goal in Vallecas and then when the game tightened, he appeared to put the 2-1 in favor of his club.

Always thrown in front they began to look for him with long balls and he began to show, however, it was in the minute 9 ‘when Falcao was essential for the first goal of the match. The Colombian received from Trejo who won on the right, escaping from the mark, the Colombian shot first, goalkeeper Ledesma rebounded and was Alvaro Garcia who was served and took the opportunity to send it to the bottom for 1-0 scored by Rayo Vallecano.

The Cadiz was matching the level of the game and found the partial tie at minute 23 ‘when Haroyan sent her to the bottom. The linesman annulled the play, but then the VAR intervened and gave the visitor the goal.

At the end of the first half came the score of the Tiger. Rayo’s 2-1 came after a play similar to that of Álvaro García’s goal. Ivan Balliu won behind a wall on the right wing and sent the pass to Falcao who this time did not forgive going to the limit and defining with a right hand.

The goal meant Falcao’s third in his third match with his new club, after goals scored by Getafe and Athletic de Bilbao.

In the second half Falcao would look for the double and would have a way to do it, however, Ledesma with two spectacular saves prevented him from scoring. First it was at minute 55 ‘when he almost sent it to save, but the shot was not very powerful and the Argentine goalkeeper threw himself on his left to reach the ball. Just two minutes later also with a header, but this time accurate, Falcao almost sent her to the bottom, however, there would be a spectacular blown by the goalkeeper who told him not to know.

The strong game also appeared on the Colombian at 56 ‘they lowered it hard when it began to shape to go ahead. Juan Cala for that action took the yellow.

At minute 64 ‘Falcao left the field of play by decision of his coach Andoni Iraola and in his place came Randy Nteka.

At minute 87 ‘those from Vallecas sealed the victory 3-1 thanks to a great goal from Palazón from the edge of the area

With the victory, Rayo Vallecano reached thirteen points in the board and is partially in positions of European positions. Cádiz for its part barely adds six units.

On the next date the Colombian forward’s team will visit Osasuna. It is expected that in the coming days in the call for Reinaldo Rueda El Tigre will be called for the Tricolor games against Uruguay, Brazil and Ecuador.

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