This distance traveled the ball on Justin Tucker’s record field goal

This distance traveled the ball on Justin Tucker's record field goal

Find out how many big-foot stomps, among other curious facts, fit into the historic kick that gave the Ravens victory in Detroit; Remember that you can enjoy NFL on Star +, subscribe here.

The kicker of the Baltimore Ravens, Justin tucker, entered the history books this Sunday with a Field goal from 66 yards that sealed the victory over the hour against the Detroit Lions.

Tucker broke the previous mark of Matt prater, who connected a Field goal of 64 yards in 2013 playing for the Denver Broncos.

The kick of Tucker on a third down and 10 yards to go from the 48th Detroit no time on the clock, running the ball 66 yards into the air before dramatically bouncing off the crossbar before breaking the plane.

But,what is the equivalent of the distance the ball traveled in that record kick of Tucker?

According to the Arizona State Museum, the footprint of Big Foot obtained by Roger Patterson in Bluff Creek, California, in 1967 it measures 18 feet long, that is, the ball traveled the equivalent of 131 footsteps of the popular North American cryptid.

If we convert 66 yards to the International System of Units we have 60.35 meters, the distance in which they fit parked in a straight line 15 Volkswagen Sedan or Type 1 cars, popularly known in Mexico as Vocho, whose measurements are 4.06 meters long.

If we translate it into food, the kick equals 400 hot dogs or hot dogs, using frankfurters with a standard measurement of 15 centimeters.

In fact, the football has a measurement of 11 inches from end to end, that is, 27.94 centimeters, so we could place 214 balls in a straight line to travel that distance.

Are you a fan of Superheroes? The thor hammer, the God of Thunder, it’s 17 inches long, so we could place 139 Mjölnirs to cover that distance.

And in tacos? A normal-size tortilla is 12 centimeters, so the 66 yards are equivalent to 503 studs in a straight line.

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