URBA Youth: Hindu defeated Deportiva Francesa 31 to 21 in M-18

URBA Youth: Hindu defeated Deportiva Francesa 31 to 21 in M-18

On a sunny day, where heat was one of the main factors, Hindu defeated Deportiva Francesa 31-21, in a match corresponding to the seventh date of group 2, zone D, in M-18.

Both teams arrived evenly at this stage, with 3 victories in 5 games. The game was shaping up to be closed, but the conviction of Don Torcuato’s men, reflected from the start of the match, ended up twisting the actions in their favor.

Always with the premise of looking for the rival ingoal, Hindú arrived first at the try through Valentine Benito, who took advantage of a great move from his captain, Santino Amaya, one of the figures of the afternoon.

Deportiva began to look for him through his forwards, trying to gain as many meters as possible, but he found a strong defense that, based on good tackles, countered the attempts of his rival. Despite this, both teams hurt in the few opportunities they could and they went to rest 19-14 in favor of the locals.

In the complement the difference continued to shrink. The defenses of both were the flags and neither had it easy to reach the rival ingoal. Hindu never stopped looking for it and with the tries of Alejo Ojeda and Octavio Fabris, he lowered the blind to a game that was played leaving everything on the part of both teams.

In this way, those of Don Torcuato had a tough encounter, which allows them to get closer to those at the top and continue to grow in the category.


Hindu (31): 1- Santiago Peñaloza, 2- Alejo Ojeda, 3- Otto Martinez Belizzi; 4- Juan Francisco Zapata, 5- Joaquín Vincent; 6- Luca Martínez, 7- Franco Casamento, 8- Santino Amaya ©; 9- Fabricio Moyano, 10- Franco Passucci; 11- Octavio Fabris; 12- Valentin Benito, 13- Napoleón Belardo; 14- Luca Mesiano; 15- Ignacio Lemma.

French Sports (21): 1- Estanislao Bértz, 2- Juan Turri, 3- Ignacio Ibañez Mayor; 4- Nicolas Greyling, 5- Tobias Cáceres; 6- Lucas Figueira, 7- Gianfranco Paesano, 8- Fermin Bennet; 9- Tomás Di Biase ©, 10- Francisco Fernández; 11- Manuel Estrada; 12- Santino Maresca, 13- Augusto Nattero; 14- Juan Bautista Bovalina; 15- Franco De Conto.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 8 ‘try by Valentín Benito (H), 13’ try by Tomás Di Biase converted by Francisco Fernández (D), 20 ‘try by Franco Casamento converted by Franco Passucci (H), 27’ by Manuel Estrada converted by Francisco Fernández ( D), 30 ‘try by Valentin Benito converted by Franco Passucci (H).

Partial result: Hindu 19-14 French Sports.

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 16 ‘try Alejo Ojeda (H), 26’ try Octavio Fabris converted by Franco Passucci, 35 ‘try Tomás Di Biase converted by Francisco Fernández (D).

Referee: Joaquin Varela.

Basketball court: Hindu.

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