Although we are in Week 3, for some teams the moment of panic has arrived

Although we are in Week 3, for some teams the moment of panic has arrived

We take a look at some of the teams that are struggling, despite being considered postseason candidates just a short time ago.

Week 3 of the NFL has produced results that, despite the early part of the season, put some of the teams that until very recently we considered contenders in trouble.

But which of these clubs have room for improvement, and which have a darker outlook?


The Steelers are a team that because of their traction, tradition and name, cannot afford to be without the playoffs, but honestly today they seem to be in serious risk of being left out of the postseason.

Of the past 10 seasons, Pittsburgh failed four, including 2018 and 2019. They may be out of the party this year, too.

The weak offensive line, the lack of a reliable running game, injuries, including that of Ben Roetlisberger, compromise his performance. To complicate matters further, the Steelers have the second-toughest schedule of the 32 teams in the NFL.

Please press the panic button.

I confess that I was one of those who believed that with Carson Wentz, the Colts became a candidate team to win the South Division.

It seemed a very complete team on defense and with one of the best offensive lines, in addition to its attack on the ground. A quarterback sounded like the missing piece to put the puzzle together.

The truth is that they do not give foot with ball; injuries, errors on both sides of the ball have them with a horrendous 0-3.

The Colts can only hope that the Titans, rivals in their division, will “fall” at some point, which seems unlikely.

Don’t release the panic button

Last year with a dismal 7-9 record and supported by its defense, Washington made the East division of the National.

The truth is that the team from the capital of the United States was “the one-eyed king in the land of the blind.” Dallas and Philadelphia seem to have a better roster this time than they did last year. Plus, without a reliable quarterback, chances are WFT will see the playoffs on ESPN’s screen.

Some saw them, supported by their great defense as contenders in the AL East.

I like his young quarterback, Mac Jones, but his maturity will force him to take this year as a propaedeutic that will not allow him to reach the playoffs. I still think that this division belongs to Buffalo already

Last year they didn’t suffer, they suffered with the worst defense in the entire league. This year they don’t seem to have improved much.

Honestly, I have a hard time believing that going by a team led by Russell Wilson and led by Pete Carroll could be left without a playoffs.

The experience and talent of both can take them to the postseason, although we remember that they are in a division that seems to “set fire” that factor can leave them very disadvantaged when trying to qualify and today they are two games away from Arizona and Los Angeles, which after three weeks, still has an immaculate record.

It was a good year last and they stayed “like that” from reaching the postseason. This year is more complicated, especially since there is no quarterback, and I am not talking about the injury of Tua Tagovailoa.

There is no quarterback.

The Alabama graduate is not, and will not be, the answer in that position for Floridians.


An unknown Kansas City marches 1-2 and in those two defeats they have been very compromised.

The defense makes water and accepts an average of almost 400 yards. The renewed offensive line that they promised us does not finish curdling.

For a change, the highest paid quarterback in the league has also committed his sins. Patrick Mahomes has looked a bit more nervous.

This week, the Chiefs are at the bottom of their highly competitive division, but don’t worry, this is just one roadblock.

The current champions of the American Conference are still candidates.

Obviously there are a lot of nuts to tighten and Andy Reid (hoping he will recover soon) will do it.

Those of Minneapolis also have a losing record.

They come from beating the Seahawks well, with a great display. A week ago they lost to Arizona because time ran out. They have a good running attack and a respectable defense.

The Vikings have options to qualify for the postseason as wild cards, because all and all, Green Bay remains the No. 1 candidate in the NL North.

Do not discard them

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