Contrast day for all-time kickers Justin Tucker and Matt Prater

Contrast day for all-time kickers Justin Tucker and Matt Prater

The Ravens player set a new NFL record with a 66-yard field goal, the Cardinals saw an attempt returned for a touchdown; Remember that you can enjoy NFL on Star +, subscribe here.

The Sunday day of the Week 3 was marked by the contrast of results fingers historical kickers and included a league-record drop at the position.

Matt prater, who in 2013 set the record for the longest field goal in history with a 65-yard kick, attempted to surpass his own mark with a 68 yard kick in front of Jacksonville Jaguars.

With 2 seconds to go in the first half, the head coach of the Arizona cardinals, Kliff Kingsbury, commanded Prater onto the court for the long field goal attempt looking to take a 10-7 lead at halftime.

Prater ended up falling short in his attempt and the ball reached the hands of the specialist in kick returns of the Jaguars, Jamal agnew, on the baseline of the field. Agnew dodged some tackles and escaped down the left wing to kick back 109 yards up to the diagonals.

What would have been the longest kick in history became the longest touchdown in history, with Agnew equaling the distance Cordarrelle Patterson (2013) and Antonio Cromartie (2007) traveled, the maximum possible in the NFL.

In fact, Agnew, who returned a 102-yard touchdown kickoff last week in a loss to the Denver Broncos, became the first player in NFL history with 100-yard touchdowns in consecutive games or weeks, according to Elias. Sports Bureau.

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A couple of hours later Justin tucker, who has the highest percentage of field goals converted in NFL history with a percentage of 90,741, snatched the brand from Prater.

In the last play of the match between the Baltimore Ravens and Detroit Lions at Ford Field, Tucker entered the field with his team falling 17-16.

The kick of Tucker toured 66 yards before bouncing off the crossbar and dramatically crossing the plane to give victory to Baltimore

That was the fourth field goal he made. Tucker of the five he tried in the match. In the first quarter he missed a 49-yard attempt that went wide to the right, but had landed kicks of 39, 50 and 32 yards.

Other kickers did not set records, but they did end up being the heroes of their teams with Daniel carlson connecting a field goal 22 yards to give the victory to Las vegas raiders Over the Miami dolphins in overtime, anyway Mason Crosby with time against it sealed the triumph of the Green bay packers on the last play in front of the San Francisco 49ers, While Younghoe koo drove the first win of the year for the Atlanta Falcons with a 40-yard kick in front of the New York Giants.

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