“I guarantee I’ll beat Terence Crawford,” warns Shawn Porter

Garantizo que le ganaré a Terence Crawford, advierte Shawn Porter

Shawn porter warns that he will defeat Terence crawford in his fight for the WBO welterweight title on November 20.

“I guarantee that I will win this fight. Guaranteed, ”he said Porter in an interview with Fight Hype. “This, to me, is just wanting to show that I am as good as I know I am, but that people probably don’t know. If there is a fight in which I want everyone to say ‘Shawn porter it was great ‘, this is the fight ”.

The same way, Porter He noted that his rival has not had a true fierce fight in his recent history. Assures Crawford he’s never been seen having a bad night.

Terence crawford has not been in any war, “he says Porter. “He is not injured in training, he does not have heart failure the week before a duel and he never lacks the Terence crawford that we all know. That’s the coolest part of getting in the ring with him, we’ve never seen him on a bad night. You can’t say that about Shawn porter, because you have seen some bad nights of Shawn porter. We’ve seen bad nights from other fighters, but we can’t say that about Terence crawford And I love that”.

Shawn Porter and the importance of his fight against Terence Crawford

In the same way, he spoke about everything that had to happen for the battle to finally take place against Crawford.

“I think maybe I wanted this fight more than anyone,” he acknowledges. Porter. “It was the result after my fight with Errol Spence. People still wanted the fight between Errol against Terence crawford, but then I started to hear that they wanted to see me fight me Terence. We had a conversation a long time ago that we weren’t going to let anyone else convince us to fight (each other) and we just started thinking about it and thinking ‘wow, that would be a great fight.

Obsessed with Crawford?

It was so much the obsession to fight against Crawford, that Shawn He thought that if it wasn’t him, he was neither and would retire from boxing.

“After my fight in 2020, I thought ‘if it’s not Terence crawford, I will not return to the ring, ‘”he says. Porter. “And I think I made that agreement with myself, and I never told my dad and my dad was pressuring me to get in the ring earlier this year and that never happened because I was waiting. The OMB she has my love and respect because I think that if she OMB I would not have intervened, it is possible that this fight would not have taken place ”.

The OMB ordered that Terence crawford defended his body welterweight world title belt against Shawn porter, so the fight had to be negotiated forcibly.

Similarly, the former world champion who will once again contend for a belt said he was in his prime.

“I’m in a very sweet place,” he said Porter. “My dad has always taught me that boxing is like life, that at 33 you are wiser than when you were 26, and at 26 you thought you were the smartest. Seven years later you look at yourself, and you are different, you are better and you are more equipped and prepared. The lucky side of that for me is that I have always taken care of my body, in many ways I take care. Terence crawford he is also careful ”.

For Porter, Canelo Álvarez is the best Libra for Libra

Asked if he thinks he will face the best pound-for-pound fighter today, he assured that no, that the number one is the Mexican champion Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez.

Canelo it’s my number 1, and Terence, he is right there behind, “he said Porter. “If we talk about the welterweight division, I am fighting the next best after me. He is my toughest opponent so far because I think, that more than Errol spence and more than Keith thurman, Terence crawford He is the most versatile fighter in the world. I think it’s a track race between him and me, and you choose who finishes 9.6 and who finishes 9.62, that closely. I think he and I are the most athletic fighters in the world in boxing and I think we both have many attributes. It is a difficult mission, but I am used to that ”.

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