“Pacquiao grabbed me off the springboard”: Marco Barrera talks to Erik Morales about his first fight with Manny

Pacquiao me agarró de trampolín: Marco Barrera conversa con Erik Morales sobre su primera pelea con Manny

Marco Antonio Barrera ensures that, in due course, Manny pacquiao He used it as a springboard to boost his career when the Filipino knocked out the Mexican on November 15, 2003 in the first fight between the two.

Barrier chatted with Erik morales about his first fight with Manny pacquiao on the podcast One More Round, who drive Barrier and Morales.

Morales explained that in 2003, when Pacquiao fought with Barrier, no one knew the Filipino. And is that Pacquiao had arrived for the first time in 2001 in the United States and won the world super bantamweight championship of the FIB by surprisingly knocking out Lehlo Ledwaba.

But the first big fight of Pacquiao against a popular and stellar fighter, he went against Marco Antonio Barrera.

Manny pacquiao it was hidden ”, he explains Erik morales in conversation. “People began to listen to him because he beat Marco Barrera that he had already had two fights with me. People didn’t know who he was Manny pacquiao, but he knocked you out in 11 rounds, and he gave you a walk. “

Indeed, in 2003, Marco Antonio Barrera and Erik morales They had already had the first two fights of their trilogy, and the intensity of both fights had catapulted them to stardom.

Pacquiao he grabbed me from the trampoline ”, he agrees Barrier with Morales. “And that’s why the ‘one more round’ thing was born. My brother told me from the third round that the fight was going to stop me. Pacquiao he was giving me a madriza. And I would say to my brother, “no, give me one more round, give me a chance.” I said it inside my heart, but inside I asked my brother ‘stop her, don’t be a bastard’ “

The first fight between Marco Antonio Barrera and Manny pacquiao it ended in round 11, when the Filipino was giving the Mexican a brutal beating. And it was because George, the brother of Marco Antonio, had to get into the ring for the referee to stop the fight.

“As a boxer, you will never ask to stop the fight,” he explains. Morales in conversation with Barrier. “I saw the fight, and your brother got into the ring very anguished, he embraces you in a very emotional way, crying because you had never been beaten so hard.”

Morales got curious about fighting Pacquiao

Erik morales ensures that what he saw of Manny pacquiao against Barrier, and then in the Filipino’s next fight, the first against Juan Manuel Marquez, led him to want to confront Manny.

Manny pacquiao, after you, he fought with Juan Manuel Marquez the first time, “he says Morales to Barrier. “He knocked him down three times in the first round. Personally, I think Manny he deserved better qualification, although the fight was close and they tied. After he fought with Barrier and with Marquez, I was wondering if really Pacquiao I was so hard, and after my third fight with Barrier, I held on to fight with Pacquiao“.

After beating Barrier, Manny pacquiao fought for the first time against Juan Manuel Marquez on May 8, 2004; later, the Filipino fought with Narongrit Pirang in December 2004: And finally, the fight against Erik morales on March 19, 2005.

It was Erik morales who managed to temporarily stop the Philippine typhoon, by winning a unanimous decision in that first fight of the three they held. Pacquiao would get revenge by knocking out two more times Morales. Against Barrier, Pacquiao He would fight again four years later, winning him a unanimous decision.

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