Tyron Woodley already got a tattoo that he loves Jake Paul, although Paul won’t like it

Tyron Woodley ya se hizo el tatuaje de que ama a Jake Paul, aunque a Paul no le gustará

Tyron woodley met the requirement to get the rematch with Jake Paul, what was it like to get a tattoo with the phrase “I Love Jake Paul”, although the YouTuber surely won’t like the way you Woodley got tattooed.

And is that Woodley He uploaded to Instagram the photo where the phrase “I Love Jake Paul” was tattooed on the big finger of his left hand, just the finger with which the insult is usually launched.

Next to the photo, Woodley He posted: “I love you, son. Now come get your spanking, because I heard you were talking about your elders. “

The tattoo bet

It should be remembered that Jake paul and Tyron woodley They made the tattoo bet after their August fight, in which the youtuber came out with a split decision victory.

“Let’s make a new bet right now,” he said. Paul to Woodley during the post-fight interview. “Let’s make a new bet: if I win you, you have to get a tattoo ‘I love Jake paul‘. But if you beat me, I tattoo ‘I love Tyron woodley‘, and you have to post it on your Instagram feed. “

After that after the ex UFC did not keep his promise, Jake He assured that he no longer wanted anything with him and was already staying in the past.

“Leave it to Tyron in the past. He didn’t live up to the gamble, he didn’t get the tattoo. So, the rematch no longer makes sense, “he declared.

With this action, Woodley He makes known his intentions for Paul to give him a rematch above the ring and everything will depend on the youtuber if he accepts or not.

Tyron Woodley praised what Jake Paul has done

The ex UFC spoke for episode 327 of The Dr. Greenthumb Podcast and there he assured that his rival has been working very well in boxing.

“Two guys fighting, and I told them from the start: this will look like a fight! Don’t let this guy keep fooling you by saying he’s a YouTuber. He is a rich child without children, without responsibility; endless opportunities for the best coaches, the best conditions, the best living beings. He is passionate about it. So why wouldn’t he go in and out with everything? Yes, this is a fight, ”he explained.

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