Argentina already beats the semifinal against Brazil, in Lithuania

Argentina already beats the semifinal against Brazil, in Lithuania

The celebrations still resound as soon as the quarterfinal clash in which Argentina eliminated Russia on penalties and enabled the morbid game, which everyone wants to play and no one wants to lose, a World Cup semifinal against the classic regional rival.

Well, Matias Lucuix’s team already has that appointment: on Wednesday 29 at 14:00 he will play the semifinal of the 2021 Lithuania World Cup against Brazil, on his way to defend the title of futsal world champion, which he has held for 5 years, when he surprised his own and others by crowning himself in Colombia.

Yesterday the Argentine team returned to training.

The National Team worked in the afternoon on the parquet floor of the Birstonas Gymnasium to start getting into the game against Brazil, the last step before the final of the tournament.

The training began with the words of the coach, who took stock of the victory against Russia and analyzed what will be necessary to avoid the next opponent.

Then he reviewed different set-ups, in two groups: one under his charge and the other with his field assistant, Nicolás Gulizia.

In another area of ​​the court, goalkeeping coach Nicolás Noriega did specific work with Nicolás Sarmiento, Lucas Farach and Guido Mosenson.

Messi’s message and “Playing against Brazil is beautiful, it is the most beautiful classic in the world”

There were many high points in the hard-fought and long-suffering victory against Russia. And one of them was the Pablo Taborda, a very temperamental player with a tremendous feeling for the blue and white: “Playing against Brazil is beautiful, it is the most beautiful classic in the world and always has a special taste. We already want to be on the pitch, “said the Italservice Pesaro player, the last champion of the competitive Italian league.

As soon as the match played in the city of Kaunas ended, Messi published a story on his Instagram account celebrating the team’s move to the semis. “It was crazy and a tremendous emotion because for most he is an idol. That the best in the world sees us helps us as a sport and personally fills you with pride. We did not expect it and it was a nice surprise.”

There wasn’t much room for the festivities, Pablo admits. They are already preparing the semis crossing: “They respect us and so do we. Now I think they have more pressure than us because of everything that has been talked about, because of the potential they have and because they have lost against us in the Qualifiers”, remarked the 35-year-old player, who is in his third World Cup with the Argentine national team.

“We have to take that to our advantage. As the minutes that feel more pressure go by. Then we have to play like the second half against Paraguay and the whole game against Russia. If we do it like this we will be able to reach the final.” , confided Taborda, one of the 10 members who repeat plkantel of the champion group in Colombia 2016.

The dramatic classification against Russia left PabloTaborda speechless, dysphonic by the celebrations and also by the goal cry after turning his penalty into the definition: “It was a relief. It came out like that but it was nothing against the goalkeeper. I was right in front and yelled at him, “he said.

This is how the semifinals are played

Brazil – Argentina (Wednesday 29-09, 2 pm)

Portugal – Kazakhstan (Thursday 09-30, 2pm)

This is how the quarterfinals were

Brazil 1 – Morocco 0

Argentina 1 – Russia 1 (5-4 Argentina in penalty shootout)

Spain 2 – Portugal 4

Iran 2- Kazakhstan 3

This was the round of 16

Russia 3 – Vietnam 2

Venezuela 2 – Morocco 3

Kazakhstan 7 – Thailand 0

Argentina 6 – Paraguay 1

Brazil 4- Japan 2

Uzbekistan 8 – Iran 9

Portugal 4- Serbia, 3

Spain 5- Czech Republic 2

Group phase results

Group A

Kazakhstan 6-1 Costa Rica

Lithuania 1-2 Venezuela

Costa Rica 0 – Venezuela 1

Lithuania 0 – Kazakhstan 3

Egypt 1 – Uzbekistan 2

Venezuela 1 – Kazakhstan 1

B Group

Russia 9- Egypt 0

Uzbekistan 4- Guatemala 5

Egypt 6 – Guatemala 3

Uzbekistan 2 – Russia 4

Guatemala 1 -Russia 4

Costa Rica 6 – Lithuania 2

Group C

Morocco 6-Solomon Islands 0

Portugal 4-Thailand 1

Solomon Islands 0 – Portugal 7

Thailand 1- Morocco 1

Solomon Islands 4 – Thailand 9

Portugal 3 – Morocco 3

Group D

Brazil 9- Vietnam 1

Czech Republic 5- Panama 1

Panama 2- Vietnam 3

Brazil 4 – Czech Republic 0

Czech Republic 1 – Vietnam 1

Brazil 5 – Panama 1

Group E

Angola 4- Japan 8

Spain 4- Paraguay 0

Spain 4 – Japan 2

Paraguay 4 – Angola 1

Japan 1- Paraguay 2

Spain 4 – Angola 1

Group F

Iran 3-Serbia 2

Argentina 11- United States 0

Iran 4 – United States 2

Argentina 4 – Serbia 2

United States 0 – Serbia 7

Argentina 2 – Iran 1

Sources: Telam, @Argentina and

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