Boca defined the capacity for La Bombonera in the fans’ return to Lanús

Boca defined the capacity for La Bombonera in the fans' return to Lanús

The Boca Juniors board of directors determined that the capacity of its members and subscribers, for October 9 when the team led by Sebastián Battaglia faces Lanús in La Bombonera from 8.15 pm for the League Tournament, is between 27 and 29 thousand fans.

Although on the official Boca site the capacity of La Bombonera is stipulated at 54,000, some spare parts carried out by the Works Department in recent months increased the capacity to almost 58,000.

In other words, until the end of the year, if there are no changes on the part of the national government authorities, between 27,000 and 29,000 supporters of Alberto J. Armando will attend.

The system called “fair income” will be launched between Wednesday and Thursday. Members will have to sign up on the “I am a Member” site, they have time until Monday, October 4 and they will have to determine which sector of the popular ones they want to enter, while each tribune will be 50% enabled.

The places enabled are the lower, middle and part of the upper North Stand, and the lower and middle South stand.

Seventy-two hours before the game with Lanús they will have to register their will to go and the “enabled” or “disabled” notice will appear there.

If they are disqualified for this match, they will automatically be on the waiting list for the next match, which will be against Godoy Cruz.

The adherent members, meanwhile, will not have to pay any additional fee and their location sector will be that of the upper South stand.

As for the subscribers, they will be divided by odd or even row according to their location and sector, while it remains to be determined which of the two groups will have the option of going to the first match.

Boca is the club with the most members of the teams that play the first division tournament, according to an AFA report from April this year: it has 213,318 between active and adherents, and the aggregate of 8,832 for life.

The Ribera club has about 90 thousand active members and more than 110 thousand members, who pay a lower fee and are waiting to be active.

The Boca board of directors did not increase the social fee since the pandemic began and this year the audience members were not charged their annual payment.

The last game Boca played in La Bombonera with his audience was on March 10, 2020 against Independiente Medellín for the Copa Libertadores, which he beat 3-0.

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