Daniel Zellhuber, sure to win contract for UFC

Daniel Zellhuber, sure to win contract for UFC

Daniel Zellhuber will be the second Mexican-born fighter to seek a spot in the Dana White’s Contender Series this season and he is confident that his preparation will lead him to surprise the president of the UFC.

The native of the State of Mexico exhibits an undefeated of 11 fights against the Brazilian Lucas Almeida, who also does not know defeat and arrives as a lightweight champion of the promoter Jungle Fight. It’s one of the most explosive matches so far in 2021 in the Contender Series.

Although he is 1.90, at 23 years old, the light weight cut is still easier for him and ensures that he only spent a couple of hours to give the 156 pounds with which he got on the scale for the official weigh-in, where he also He had an intense confrontation with Almeida.

“I have seen my rival. I had a huge camp, with people who supported me, so I do not feel nervous, I am very confident to demonstrate. I know the areas in which he is strong and he knows in which I am strong, the only thing missing is the fight game, he has to work on his strategy to turn around the advantages that I have and vice versa, “he explained. the nicknamed ‘Golden Boy’ to ESPN Sports After the ceremony.

Zellhuber lives in the altitude of the State of Mexico and considers that his physical condition will be key, since he also spent several weeks training at the Otomí Ceremonial Center with Yair ‘Pantera’ Rodríguez, who will face Max Holloway on November 13 and with Daniel Rodriguez, the big surprise of the UFC welterweight in the last two years, as he has won six of seven fights since his debut in February 2020.

“On cardio, I’m very good, I’m ready to go out and exchange blows, 15 or 20 or 30 minutes, whatever, on the floor, we were doing two-hour sessions of fighting. The beginning of the camp was at the Otomí Center with Yair and D-Rod, I feel that everything is fine for this fight, everything came together to give me the opportunity to be here ”, he added.

Due to his conditions and his spectacular scope for the division, he had been invited in 2020 to participate in the Contender Series, but preferred to gain more experience and added three more victories to his record in Lux Fight League and Ikon Fighting Federation. All three were first round completions.

“And I’m ready, I know I waited a little longer. I knew it was not the time, but now it is, it is the time and the place. Since I was in Brazil – where I made camp with the Pitbull brothers – I had not been able to fight until I started fighting in Lux and I feel that my fights have been very short, I have not been able to show everything I have been learning, I hope I have this fight they can see a little more of everything that I have worked ”, detailed Zellhuber.

In addition to developing his technique, he preferred to wait to finish his career as a physiotherapist to be able to dedicate himself one hundred percent as soon as the possibility of staying in the UFC arrived and he thinks that the doors opened this year for Latin Americans: “They are giving us more opportunity for Latinos and although not all have had contracts, they have all been wars ”.

Daniel feels ready to face the president of the UFC and ask him for a contract, because he believes that he will surprise him with his abilities: “He will grow hair and he will pull it out, remember.”

This Tuesday, Zellhuber and Lucas Almeida will be part of the fourth week of the Dana White’s Contender Series, starring prospects Lucasz Sudolksi and Ihor Potieria.

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