Las Vegas police detail UFC’s Jon Jones arrest related to domestic violence: he was on an ’emotional roller coaster’

Las Vegas police detail UFC's Jon Jones arrest related to domestic violence: he was on an 'emotional roller coaster'

UFC fighter Jon Jones allegedly pulled a woman’s hair and headbutted a police car hours after one of his fights was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame last week.

An arrest report released Tuesday by the Las Vegas Metro Police Department lays out the narrative of the events that led to Jones being arrested Friday morning on two counts: injury and tampering with a vehicle (a felony) and misdemeanor domestic violence. Jones was released Friday night on $ 8,000 bond and is due to return to court on October 26.

Jones was stopped by police on the Las Vegas strip just before 6 a.m. Friday morning. When he was detained, the report says Jones “became enraged and hit his head against the front hood” of the police vehicle, causing a medium-size dent and chipping paint. That led to a felony injury and vehicle tampering charge.

In an interview at the Caesars Palace complex, the woman involved in the incident told police that Jones was “a little” physical with her, touching the back of her neck and pulling some of her hair. She said Jones didn’t hit her. However, the police observed blood on the woman’s clothing and a bump on her lip with dried blood. He explained that his lips were very dry. Police also observed blood on the sheets in the hotel room, according to the report.

The woman, who ESPN will not identify, told police that Jones was aggressive toward her, but not violent, according to the report. He grabbed her by the back of her hair to prevent her from leaving the hotel room. Police observed the woman with a swollen lower lip and a red mark on her upper right cheek. The woman did not allow photos to be taken, nor did she accept a voluntary statement or recording of the interview.

A Caesars security guard told police he encountered the woman who burst into tears when asked if she was okay, according to the arrest report. The woman said she was afraid to go back to the room. They took her to the security office.

According to the report, before his Miranda rights were read to him, Jones said Las Vegas Metro police would face a lawsuit for putting him in handcuffs on the most important night of his life. After his rights were read, Jones “immediately burst into tears,” the report says. The report described Jones as going through an “emotional roller coaster.”

Jones denied police touching the woman and had difficulty remembering certain points of the night, according to the report. After the interview, police said Jones “jokingly stated that he would like to face us all and see what we can do.” Jones, according to the report, made a feint as if to escape the handcuffs and fight the police officers. Officers told Jones they weren’t kidding and would use a Taser if he continued the behavior. Jones apologized, according to the report.

Jones, 34, has had several run-ins with the law and problems out of the cage, including multiple DUIs and a hit-and-run crime in 2015. Jones has also failed two drug tests during his MMA career.

Jones, who has never really been beaten in the cage, is in the midst of going from light heavyweight to heavyweight to competing for the title of that division. He hasn’t fought since February 2020.

When asked about Jones’ arrest, UFC President Dana White said he would see how the fighter’s case legally unfolds.

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