Leandro Cuzzolino: “This team clings to the desire we have to compete against anyone”

Leandro Cuzzolino: "This team clings to the desire we have to compete against anyone"

Argentina eliminated Russia on penalties and will play Brazil in the semifinal on Wednesday 29 at 14:00 on their way to defend the title of world futsal champion, which they have held for 5 years. And the Argentine captain, Leandro Cuzzolino is a roller coaster of feelings, because when goalkeeper Pusilov stopped his penalty, Russia was on the verge of eliminating the World champion and taking revenge in the final in Colombia 2016.

Peo Lea, as his teammates call him, knows that this team is made up of a group of men and friends, who are never going to let their teammate sink: “This team clings to the desire we have to compete against anyone. Our first objective was to play all seven games and we could not miss this opportunity to play a semifinal in the world. This squad has an enormous will to achieve what it sets out to do. “

And after an epic day, what is coming is not vacation, but “the game” that any footballer who dresses as Celeste and Blanco wants to play: “The truth is that we are very happy, now we have a few hours to enjoy, but then already we have to get into the game with Brazil “

The entire futsal environment had two exclusive candidates before the ball started rolling in Lithuania: Spain and Brazil. Well, as the Argentine captain says, Matías Lucuix’s team guarantees you a fight: “Now we are going to rest and tomorrow to work on the next game, a very difficult game, a world final and, with all the respect that Brazil deserves, everyone has to know that Argentina will always fight until the last ball to finish as high as possible. “

Lithuania, Covid, many months of work, however morale is high. And in part it is because this group knows that many people accompany it:“We receive messages from all over the country, from north to south, from Buenos Aires and all the Provinces and we only have words of thanks. We are proud to wear the world champions patch that we wear on our chest and to represent this shirt already This Selection. There is no money to replace this feeling and for that reason we salute all those in Argentina who are following us and supporting us because all the messages reach us and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts. “

For Lucuix the keys were work and mental strength, beyond the quota of fortune in the day of the archers

Surely more than one was struck by the fact that Russia chose a change of goalkeeper for the entire series of penalties and the giant took off in the arch Georgy Zamtaradze, although then Dmitry Putilov returned, who was the one who contained the shot at Cuzzolino.

And Argentina introduced their substitute goalkeeper twice. In the first Lucas Farach could not stop Eder Lima, but in the second, he stopped Rómulo’s shot and unleashed the madness of the Argentine celebration

The coach of the Argentine futsal team, Matías Lucuix, said that in the semis there was much more than fortune in the decisive round: “We have been practicing penalties for four weeks. Clearly it is luck, but you also have to accompany him.”

“We trained and practiced it, beyond the fact that two of our best kickers erred, we were able to rebuild, the mental strength of this group and we were able to win it for the happiness of us and all Argentines,” said the man who is only 35 years old. for his second world title as a coach.

The point is that between Farach, Sarmiento and goalkeeper coach Nicolás Noriega they had prepared the strategy: each goalkeeper studied some of the rivals and when they had confidence they would ask to face the designated kicker. This is how they worked and thus built their contribution for Argentina to reach the semifinals.

By the round of 16 of the Futsal World Cup Lithuania 2021, Argentina had beaten Paraguay 6-1. This will be the second match against a South American team, on the way to the world final in Lithuania

This is how the semifinals are played

Brazil – Argentina (Wednesday 29-09, 2 pm)

Portugal – Iran or Kazakhstan (Thursday 09-30, 2pm)

This is how the quarterfinal pairings were

Brazil 1 – Morocco 0

Argentina 1 – Russia 1 (5-4 Argentina in penalty shootout)

Monday 27, in Vilnius

Spain 2 – Portugal 4 (11.30)

Iran – Kazakhstan (14.00)

This was the round of 16

Wednesday September 22

Russia 3 – Vietnam 2

Venezuela 2 – Morocco 3

Thursday September 23

Kazakhstan 7 – Thailand 0

Argentina 6 – Paraguay 1

Brazil 4- Japan 2

Friday September 24

Uzbekistan – Iran, 11.30am in Vilnius

Portugal 4- Serbia, 3

Spain 5- Czech Republic, 2


Group A

Kazakhstan 6-1 Costa Rica

Lithuania 1-2 Venezuela

Costa Rica 0 – Venezuela 1

Lithuania 0 – Kazakhstan 3

Egypt 1 – Uzbekistan 2

Venezuela 1 – Kazakhstan 1

B Group

Russia 9- Egypt 0

Uzbekistan 4- Guatemala 5

Egypt 6 – Guatemala 3

Uzbekistan 2 – Russia 4

Guatemala 1 -Russia 4

Costa Rica 6 – Lithuania 2

Group C

Morocco 6-Solomon Islands 0

Portugal 4-Thailand 1

Solomon Islands 0 – Portugal 7

Thailand 1- Morocco 1

Solomon Islands 4 – Thailand 9

Portugal 3 – Morocco 3

Group D

Brazil 9- Vietnam 1

Czech Republic 5- Panama 1

Panama 2- Vietnam 3

Brazil 4 – Czech Republic 0

Czech Republic 1 – Vietnam 1

Brazil 5 – Panama 1

Group E

Angola 4- Japan 8

Spain 4- Paraguay 0

Spain 4 – Japan 2

Paraguay 4 – Angola 1

Japan 1- Paraguay 2

Spain 4 – Angola 1

Group F

Iran 3-Serbia 2

Argentina 11- United States 0

Iran 4 – United States 2

Argentina 4 – Serbia 2

United States 0 – Serbia 7

Argentina 2 – Iran 1

Source: @Argentina and Fifa.com

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