The best phrases from Paolo Montero’s interview in FOOTBALL 12

The best phrases from Paolo Montero's interview in FOOTBALL 12

Paolo Montero, coach of San Lorenzo, spoke this Tuesday with FOOTBALL 12 and he referred to various issues such as the rumors of his possible dismissal and how he dealt with them, and the support of the leaders of the campus.

Regarding the support of the most experienced, the Uruguayan said that “As a coach, it must be one of the most important prides that the players support you”.

For Montero, “it means that regardless of whether or not you are good as a coach, the important thing is to be a people, to be a person.”

He also said that San Lorenzo must continue working to improve: “We are aware that we can continue to grow”, He indicated.

The coach also spoke about how he has tried to give place to the youth in the first team, a goal that they set with manager Mauro Cetto before signing. “If you see the bank, they are all from the house,” he said and commented that the juniors “are doing it in a good way” and they are happy with their performance.

Is Ortigoza for 90 minutes?
“What I think of Néstor is because of what he generates to his teammates. In these games we have taken him out, but if I see him that he can play the 90 ‘, he stays on the court because he is a player of those who from my point of view, are less, who fully assume responsibility and in critical moments of the party generates tranquility to the young people ”, responded Montero.

Was he about to go?
Paolo Montero was asked if he seriously considered resigning from the position at some point and was frontal about it: “knowing me, suddenly with Board of Trustees. It’s hard to lose the games you lost. I am sincere: thank God there is no public because that game from the warm-up could have been very difficult, “he commented.

VAR: yes or no?
Montero did not want to comment on the task of the referees “because they are questioned because they are part of the show”, but indicated that the other actors are also, such as the players or the coaches. “It’s part of the show: the mistake, and the no mistake. I always say that I have never seen a player, a coach or a leader who when they take a penalty in favor, say ‘no, look it was not a penalty’, ‘the ball went to me’, or ‘it was my foul’ “, raised.

According to Montero, “everything is hypocrisy” in that sense. He did think that “the VAR would have to have a former player and a coach” because they don’t need to look at the play in the replay two or three times. “

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