Canelo or Usyk ?: The debate within The Ring magazine to define the best Libra for Libra

¿Canelo o Usyk?: El debate dentro de revista The Ring para definir al mejor Libra por Libra

Magazine The Ring placed Oleksandr Usyk in second place on the list of the best fighters Pound for pound in the world after his victory over Anthony Joshua.

Although the panel of the magazine discussed whether Usyk had to jump up to first place and unseat Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez.

Every time they update their rankings Pound for pound, the magazine publishes an article, where the panelists argue their decisions.

Among those who proposed that Usyk should occupy the first place, was Michael montero.

“The first place Pound for pound it is between Canelo and Usyk at this time, ”he argued Huntsman. “I give the advantage to Usyk. I don’t know if the panel would agree with me, but I feel that the Ukrainian’s triumph over Joshua has more weight than the entire campaign of the Canelo in the super middle. Usyk He is the finest technical fighter in the sport and he accomplished something truly historic in London. In an era where many fighters rarely face an opponent with a winning record, Usyk he’s done a lot in his first 19 professional fights. “

AND Huntsman listed the achievements of Usyk, both in amateur, as in cruiserweight and heavyweight.

“In cruiserweight, titles of RING Magazine, CMB, AMB, OMB, FIB and winner of the first season of the WBSS, award to Fighter of the Year in 2018 ″, he listed Huntsman. “In heavyweight, titles of the AMB, OMB, FIB (in just three fights) and in my opinion, he’s already secured his second Fighter of the Year award. He already has victories over our classifieds 1 and 7 in the heavy. He had an amateur record of 335-15, a gold medal at the 2012 Olympics, and numerous international tournaments, and an undefeated campaign in the World Series of Boxing, with a win over our heavyweight No. 9 ″.

Huntsmanalso points to another. important point.

“And for your information, he did it all as a visitor,” he said. Huntsman. “No marinating, no picking, no A side vs. B side, no regular or interim title junk. Is there a more accomplished fighter in the post Floyd / Manny / Wladimir? I do not believe it”.

Among the panelists who consider that Usyk must not be above Canelo on the Pound-for-Pound listings, it is Diego Morilla.

“I believe that Canelo still have a slight advantage over him (Usyk), especially in terms of how you have proven yourself over a longer period of time. In addition, the lack of amateur history of the Canelo You shouldn’t count against him in the comparison, and both of you will have many better chances in the near future. And finally, we know what it’s like to rush a Ukrainian to the top, before we have enough evidence of his professional potential, and it didn’t turn out very well. I keep thinking that Usyk He’s only a couple of fights away from becoming the best Ukrainian fighter ever, and one of the top five left-handers ever, but I wouldn’t mind waiting until I saw those fights. For now, let Canelo as number 1 and put Usyk as number 2, it seems like the right decision. “

For Daisuke Sugiura, Canelo must also still be above Usyk.

“I keep putting Canelo upon Usyk at this time because of the general quality of the opposition of Alvarez and its consistency, ”he argued Sugiura. “But I agree that Usyk is above Inoue and Crawford, and I also agree that what he is doing is crazy and historic. Doing all of this fighting as a visitor, and usually as Side B, is the most amazing part for me. I don’t really know if anyone has done something like this before. “

However, several of the panelists agreed that the advantage of Canelo upon Usyk in the listings Pound for pound it is minimal.

“Canelo has the smallest of advantages over Usyk“Said the editor Tom gray. “This, based on all the time he’s campaigned at the elite level, and his own accomplishments, but it’s very close.”

The Ring Magazine’s Top 10 Pound for Pound

  1. Canelo Alvarez

  2. Oleksandr Usyk

  3. Naoya inoue

  4. Terence crawford

  5. Josh taylor

  6. Errol spence

  7. Teofimo Lopez

  8. Juan Francisco “Gallo” Estrada

  9. Vasiliy Lomachenko

  10. Kazuto Ioka

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