“I don’t know if I have the backing of the club,” admits Koeman

"I don't know if I have the backing of the club," admits Koeman

LISBON – Barcelona coach Ronald Koeman admitted on Wednesday that he does not know if he has “the backing of the club” after losing 3-0 to Benfica and remaining with zero points after the first two days of the Champions League.

“I can only comment on my work with the team, I feel very supported by the players for the attitude they have. By the club, I don’t know,” he explained in a statement to Movistar +.

Later, at a press conference, he insisted that he cannot “say anything” about his future because he does not know “what the club thinks” and “is not” in his hands. “We’ll see,” he pointed out.

According to Koeman, the Barça game was not as bad as the result indicates: “The team played well until 2-0. The big difference is that they scored and we didn’t. We had four clear chances to score. It is the big difference”.

And, once again, he put on the table that the current Barça cannot aspire to much more. “I am not going to discuss the level of this team. Everyone knows the problem of Barça today. It is not possible to comment on a team that is not the team of past years,” he said.

In any case, he admitted that “in the end the culprit is the coach”, although he added that “in many moments of the game the approach was very good and Barça was only less effective when it came to scoring.”

Regarding the zero points that the club adds after the first two days of the Champions League, he said that “it is a delicate situation, we must try to change things and give the team time.” “If we win both games against Dinamo Kiev and Bayern win both against Benfica we have options, it is not that complicated either,” he explained.

In addition, Koeman considered that “in speed and physical” Barça is inferior “to many teams”. “We have to win by playing our way, with possession of the ball and creating opportunities. But if you don’t score, you don’t win a game,” he stressed.

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