“I don’t want anything to happen to Pacquiao”: David Benavidez expresses relief after Manny’s retirement

No quiero que nada le pase a Pacquiao: David Benavidez expresa alivio tras retiro de Manny

The Mexican American Boxer David benavidez spoke about the official retirement of Manny pacquiao of boxing and assured that it was the best decision he could have made.

“As a fan it makes me happy to see him retire, especially that now he is getting old,” he said. Benavidez in interview for Little Giant Boxing. “I do not personally know Pacquiao, (his retirement) makes me sad because I’m his fan and I don’t want anything to happen to him. I feel like this is the best decision I could make and now that you are transitioning into politics I can only say that it makes me very happy to be a fan of Pacquiao“.

In the opinion of Red flag, Manny pacquiao he has earned an honorable retirement from boxing.

“He has had a well-deserved career, there are people who simply retire, but there are others who deserve this retirement because of what they have done,” he said. Benavidez. “He had countless championships, great performances and was a great entertainer, so at the end of the day you know he deserves his retirement.”

Benavidez made it clear that he will dedicate himself to having his son watch videos of the fights of Pac-man and he will tell you about his exploits above the ring.

“I’m going to make my son remember it too, even though it wasn’t his time,” he said. Benavidez. “I will definitely show him the fights, and I know that I will continue to watch the fights, since I don’t think another boxer like Pacquiao“.

David Benavidez and his favorite Pacquiao fights

The boxer unveiled his top five of the best fights to his prospect he had Manny pacquiao throughout his career.

“Look is the one of Pacquiao against Cotto“, he pointed Benavidez. “The second would be Manny against (Antonio) Margarito, the third would be Pacquiao against (Erik) Morales, the first fight; after, before David diaz, the way he knocked him out was insane, with that tremendous left straight and he just fell to the canvas. I can’t forget that this is probably one of the best performances of any boxer who has been a champion for so long. “

And the fifth fight assured David it was the return of Pac-man to the ring to face Keith thurman who came out as a favorite.

“I had the opportunity to be there, what did you think when he threw it in the first round? I went crazy, brother, to see when he knocked him down in the first round, “he said. Benavidez. “And then just watching him move around all the time, so it was a good fight.”

Pac-Man left a legacy in Benavidez

The same way, David made it clear that for him Manny He is a boxing legend and he is satisfied to have been able to see his battles.

Pacquiao He is definitely a legend and it makes me happy to have the experience of watching his fights, you know how my dad does when he talks about (Julius Caesar) ChavezYou know all those other fighters from yesteryear and I feel like he’s with me, ”he said.

On whether he ever got any advice from the Filipino, David I assure that unfortunately he did not have that opportunity.

“No, I only saw him the time he fought with Keith thurman“, said Benavidez. “We saw each other from the back (of the stage) and I took a photo. I told him that he is one of my favorite fighters, I behaved like a fan, I was excited.

Finally, David benavidez He sent a farewell message to the Filipino after a successful career in the ring.

“I love you, thank you for all the great in all your great fights that you gave to all your fans,” he said.

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