“I put him next to Muhammad Ali”: Barrera and Morales react to the retirement of Manny Pacquiao

Lo pongo al lado de Muhammad Ali: Barrera y Morales reaccionan a retiro de Manny Pacquiao

Marco Antonio Barrera and Erik morales faced a total of five times Manny pacquiao, and both retain a friendship and admiration for the Filipino, whom they put in history next to Muhammad Ali.

On your podcast One More Round, Barrier and Morales they talked about the retirement of Manny pacquiao and what it means for boxing.

For Morales, the importance of Manny pacquiao for the history of boxing lies in the number of different divisions in which he was world champion.

Morales remember that after Pacquiao had the first fight with Juan Manuel Marquez and that he knocked out Marco Antonio Barrera, he held on to fight with Manny.

“One of the lawsuits I had with him is that he did not want more than 130 pounds,” he recalls. Erik. “And his team was actually saying,” we don’t want more than 130 pounds, we are never going to gain more than 130 pounds. ” But then he was world champion in 135, 140, 147 and 154! He practically did what not a single fighter has done. “

These achievements are precisely what make Marco Antonio Barrera I place great value on the career of Pacquiao.

“That’s why I put it next to Muhammad Ali“, He points out Barrier.

“He was world champion in eight different divisions,” he concluded. Morales in conversation.

But in addition, both fighters agreed that in addition to the achievements there is the level of the rivals that Pacquiao faced on his record.

“But the names he faced,” he noted Barrier.

“The names he had,” he agreed Morales. “I’m going to be very honest, when he fought with Oscar de la hoya I bet in favor of From the pot and then I came out crying because I lost ”.

Barrera’s reaction on Twitter to Manny Pacquiao’s retirement

Marco Antonio Barrera reacted on Wednesday morning to the announcement of the withdrawal of Manny pacquiao which occurred on Tuesday night.

My best wishes for Manny pacquiao. Great fighter and great human being. It was an honor, ”he tweeted Barrier, who fought twice against Manny.

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