“I will not feel sorry for breaking the orbital of Kambosos,” warns Teófimo López


Teofimo Lopez He referred to his next fight before George Kambosos, and warned that the issue is already personal and he will not be sorry to take out all his violence and cause serious injuries to the Australian.

During a recent interview for iFL TV, Lopez launched a harsh threat to Kambosos, his coming opponent.

“With this guy, I’m going to be doubly bad,” he warned. Theophimus. “If I break the orbital of his eye, I won’t feel it. If I break his vertebrae, I won’t feel it. I want to show the world what my punch and my mind are capable of. If I really want to hurt someone to the extreme, I will. That’s what it all boils down to ”.

Theophimus ensures that nothing he has said intimidates him Kambosos that he will be a Spartan warrior on the ring.

“I understand you can use all that spartan shit, all you want,” he added. Theophimus. “I will not disrespect the Spartans, but he is not one of them. I have a video of him getting knocked out as an amateur, and I can post it now. They knocked him out with an uppercut, wearing 10-ounce gloves. 10-ounce amateur gloves, and a face shield, and still, he didn’t get up. He is not a Spartan, he is a fraud. A Spartan does not stay on the ground, but gets up again. You may have seen the movie 300 and all that, but don’t disrespect the gods. “

Teofimo Lopez in your training.

Teófimo López continued with the warnings for Kambosos

Without even doubting it, Teofimo Lopez he continued on his way. With various injunctions, he continued with the plan of wanting to intimidate George Kambosos.

“I will knock him out in the first round,” he sentenced Lopez. “That guy is there for me. If you try to box, you won’t be able to do it with me. Knoll I try. You can’t box me. Do you want to go over me? Commey I try. They are going to knock you down. There is no escape. You will have no way out. I’ll make sure he gets a beating. You took it on a personal level ”.

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