Manchester United vs. Villarreal – Game Report – September 29, 2021

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Manchester United vs.  Villarreal - Game Report - September 29, 2021

(EFE) .- Cristiano Ronaldo, who was playing a more than discreet game, appeared in the 95th minute to give an epic and cathartic victory to a Manchester United that was no better than Villarreal, but had the ‘7’ of his part in the final sigh (2-1).

The yellows, who forgave the unforgivable, went ahead through Paco Alcácer, but they found the instant reaction of Alex Telles, with a goal from outside the area, and an imperial De Gea, who avoided every attempt by the Villarreal forwards, until 30 seconds from the end, Cristiano showed up to leave the three points at home.

United fell a barrage in the first part of which he escaped unscathed without deserving it. Because only the poor aim of Unai Emery’s men and a masterful De Gea made them leave without scratches at half-time.

The fireworks were started by Danjuma, who broke him every time he faced Dalot. The winger, a former Premier League player, took good advantage of the casualties on United’s sides to find a highway and, although he missed his first heads-up with a tame shot to De Gea’s tame, he whetted his appetite for everything. what came next.

The Spaniard had a lot of work, who took a sensational mitt to a shot with the inside of Danjuma and then saw a shot from the front of Alcácer walk through his right post, which had taken advantage of a terrible failure of Varane in control to stand alone in the area.

The deluge was stopped a little by United with a high shot from Cristiano in a corner and a ball that almost got into Alberto Moreno’s own goal when he intercepted a pass from Pogba, but Villarreal kept looking for the goal, to bump into one and the other time with De Gea.

Yeremi Pino left Telles sitting, United’s plan B on the left flank, and his low shot again covered the Spanish goal.

Without knowing how United reached the break with 0-0, but the joy was short-lived when the time off was exhausted. A few minutes after returning, Danjuma, after an exquisite pass from Trigueros, won the game against Dalot and took a center with the toe that Alcácer pushed.

United at that time had zero points in two games, but re-emerged in a corner. Out of nowhere, in a strategic play, Bruno Fernandes put the ball out of the area so that Telles spliced ​​it into the net. Golazo and extra life for a United that was then with possibilities.

They could be losing 1-4, but the scoreboard reflected a 1-1 that was gold for them, but at the same time it was not worth them because of what happened in Switzerland two weeks ago. Solskjaer moved the bench and looked for the match. He had it in the head of Cavani, who in his second game of the season touched 2-1.

In a crazy finale, Villarreal almost took him, but a double stop from De Gea to Danjuma prevented the English debacle. The point did not satisfy either of them, but it seemed the end of the film until the minute 94:30, when a left of Cristiano’s head collided in Lingard, who falling to the ground had the expertise to touch the ball just enough so that It will reach Cristiano and he will blow it up in front of Rulli.

Three points for a United that remains third in Group F and leaves Villarreal bottom.

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