Manny Pacquiao’s fear of punching: This is what it was like to supervise a bandage


The deceased Naazim Richardson I used to help Shane mosley to supervise the bandaging of rivals, and this was the case in 2011, when Mosley faced Manny pacquiao.

Richardson, who died on July 24, 2020, was the one who discovered plaster in the bandage of Antonio Margarito minutes before getting into the fight with his own Mosley in January 2009. Richardson He had a reputation for being an expert at uncovering all the tricks and traps in fighters’ bandages.

Before passing away, Richardson told the anecdote of how it was to supervise the bandage to Pacquiao, and how the Filipino insisted on being as transparent as possible. It should be remembered that it was his own Pacquiao who bandaged himself.

“I remember him bandaging his hands,” he said. Richardson to Little Giant Boxing. “I was wondering if you wanted to see how he did it. I just asked him to go ahead with his bandage and nothing else. But he wanted me to see him, for everything that had happened before (with Margarito) “.

Richardson I thought that the insistence of Manny Pacquiao for him to supervise the bandage carefully, it was by the force of his own punch.

“He was basically telling me that he hit so hard, that maybe it was necessary for me to see every step of his bandage, in case I suspected he was cheating,” he recalls. Richardson. “I raised the palm of my hand for him to punch it) and was surprised. I said, ‘Sh **!’ If I hadn’t seen him bandage that hand, I would ask him to bandage that hand again. But it was just how hard he hit. “

Richardson asked Mosley to respect Manny’s punch

Before the duel, Naazim Richardson assures that he asked Shane mosley to respect the punch of Manny Pacquiao.

“Before they fought, I was trying to get Shane will respect his punch “, revealed Richardson in that same interview. “Shane He said he wanted to feel it. “

After the fight, what Shane mosley lost by unanimous decision, the fighter assures that he did feel the punching power of Pacquiao.

“Later he said that he had felt it differently,” he recalls. Richardson. “He had been beaten up by some big guys. Shane was hit by Shaquille O’Neal, but this was different. That is seen in guys who hit like Pacquiao, What Kovalev, What Deontay Wilder“.

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