“The referee saved Deontay Wilder’s life in the second fight,” says Tyson Fury.

“El réferi le salvó a la vida a Deontay Wilder en la segunda pelea”, asegura Tyson Fury

Tyson fury considers that in his second fight against Deontay Wilder the referee saved the life of Wilder.

“They stopped the fight when I landed him with a clean hit (in the seventh round),” he recalled. Fury in a promo for FOX. “I think the referee really saved his life that night and saved his career,”

In the same way, he pointed out that his prediction was a bit wrong, since it took a little longer to send his rival to the canvas.

“I predicted I would knock him down in the second round, and it was in the third,” he recalled. Wilder. “I hit it with a big punch. I knew I would kill him, and I always said I would knock him out. We are all just human beings, we are not super human. If they hit you correctly you are out. It is a fact. I didn’t look for him to be ready to get knocked out. I just thought that I would take my time and wait until the right time came. It happened again, and ended up falling again due to blows to the body ”.

How Fury got off the mat in the last round of the first fight

Tyson fury He also talked about the knockdown he suffered in the last round of the first fight with Deontay Wilder.

“In the first fight of Wilder in the last round when he knocked me down, I got up, came back, fought and he didn’t like it, “he recalls. Fury. “From that moment on, I knew how to beat Deontay Wilder. He knew he had to go for him and land big shots on him. Watching the fight again, years later, was the best thing that could have happened to me, because I was able to do it all over again. I was able to get a huge contract with. ESPN. It was good. It worked the best. I was always cut out for boxing in Las Vegas. That is big boxing at its highest level. That’s what I was made for. I was always a television fighter, and I always knew that I was going to make the leap to be a star in the United States as well. “

Tyson Fury mocks Deontay Wilder’s allegations of faking Covid-19

Fury He also spoke about everything his rival has commented on when he pretended to have coronavirus in order to reschedule the third fight between them.

“I don’t care what Deontay Wilder says,” he said in an interview with Boxing Scene. “We have medical records from here in Las Vegas where I was tested. So I don’t think you can pretend COVID With the PCR test, when they put something big up your nose. Either you have it or you don’t have it ”.

“There would be no reason for me to want to cheat with him. Covid-19 And get out of the Deontay Wilder fight. Why would I want to throw away 20, 30 million dollars to fight someone I already knocked out comfortably? Why wouldn’t I want to take that, it’s like winning the lottery for free?

Wilder has criticized Fury.

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