The visiting public returns to the clubs in the URBA

The visiting public returns to the clubs in the URBA

The URBA announced new flexibility measures after the announcements of the National Government. Grandstands with capacity, return of the visiting public and maximum ticket prices are some of the novelties for the tournaments since Top 12 until Development.

The following resolution of the URBA Board of Directors is communicated:

a) Presence of visiting public, use of stands, capacity: Taking into account the new flexibilities arranged by the national, provincial and municipal governments regarding the presence of visiting public in outdoor sporting events, URBA communicates that clubs may authorize the entry of visiting public and the use of stands respecting the regulations, gauges and protocols that said regulations thus provide.

b) Maximum ticket price: The reference topic was analyzed and it was decided to update the maximum value of the tickets that the clubs can collect to witness the Superior Division matches without neglecting the current economic situation of the country, maintaining the objective that families can accompany their teams and that a greater number of public attend the matches that our clubs play.

Depending on the objectives and reasons raised, the established values ​​are the following:

1) It is decided to set THREE HUNDRED ($ 300) pesos as the MAXIMUM amount to be charged by the Clubs for the entry of people over 18 years of age for entry to the matches for the Senior Division Tournaments and Championships.

2) The fixed price will govern from this Circular 34/2021 and may be modified by resolution of the Board of Directors of this URBA at the time it deems appropriate.

3) MINORS up to 14 years of age will have free access to the meetings referred to in this circular; Regarding minors from 15 to 18 years old, it is the recommendation of this Board of Directors that the clubs also allow free access to them but, in the event that the club decides to charge them for tickets, the amount may not exceed 50 % of ticket value

4) Clubs must inform this URBA no later than October 15, 2021 of the price set for entry to the matches, which must be adjusted to what is indicated in section 1). Clubs that decide not to charge entry must inform this Union by note until said date.

5) When a Club decides to receive a sum to make use of its social facilities in addition to the price that is set according to section 1), that additional amount must be indicated in the respective tickets.- Likewise, it must clearly indicate in the places of access, which are the income for which the public can enter without having to pay said additional.

6) Cost of parking: it is recommended to those clubs that decide to charge tickets and parking in their facilities that the value of the Parking does not exceed the value of TWO HUNDRED FIFTY PESOS ($ 250).

c) Reception of leaders and third times: We ask the clubs to respect and enforce the current flexibilities on social gatherings, use of bars and confectioneries and capacity in closed spaces. Notwithstanding this, we recommend that the clubs hold the leaders’ meetings prior to the matches and subsequent third times in the open air.

It is requested to take due note of the content of this document and the collaboration of your club to continue advancing in the normalization of our activity, respecting and enforcing the protocols and regulations that make it possible.

Source: URBA

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