Agustín Canobbio is qualified to play this Thursday against Paranaense for the South American Cup

Agustín Canobbio is qualified to play this Thursday against Paranaense for the South American Cup

Agustin Canobbio, footballer of Peñarol, is enabled for this Thursday to face Athletico Paranaense for the semifinals of the South American CONMEBOL Cup, since he was not temporarily suspended.

On La Oral Deportiva (Universal Radio), the coal leader Gonzalo Moratorio expressed: “Canobbio is qualified to play this Thursday against Paranaense. Before one in the afternoon of this Wednesday, we received the resolution of the Disciplinary Unit “.

Last Friday, September 24, CONMEBOL had notified the Uruguayan club that the player had an adverse result in an anti-doping control after the match against Sporting Cristal in Lima (meeting for the Quarterfinals of the Sudamericana played on August 11) . This Tuesday 28, a coal delegation traveled to Asunción to try to demonstrate that the prohibited substance found (boldenone) was the product of contamination when consuming meat in the hotel where the aurinegro team stayed for the dispute of the match before Cristal.

Moratorio commented on Tuesday’s defense: “It was a great job by González Mullin. The most important thing that the witnesses were very solid, Agustín was also very sincere, and made it clear the importance for him to continue developing the practice of soccer, and to investigate what had to be investigated ”.

The manager said that logically the “process continues because there is a lack of tests and the opening of the B sample, and even the results of the anti-doping control to which the entire Peñarol team was subjected on September 21.”

“For example, there are fifteen days left to see the results of that control on the 21st, but it was shown that contamination is presumed. Agustín is going to continue playing without problems as long as the process continues; when there is a final ruling, the file can be definitively archived, there may be a warning, an intermediate sanction or if it turns out that it was not a contamination, obviously there will be a disqualification “, he explained.

Moratorium remarked: “It will be without problems until the instruction lasts, the process will last between 45 and 50 days, and there we will know the final opinion. We will continue working on the issue, we ask for the opening of sample B on Monday, and the opening will take place in 20 days in a laboratory in Germany. We are also waiting for the test of last September 21, a test that the entire squad was subjected to for being a semifinalist in the South American. And we are also awaiting other types of evidence that we are analyzing to claim if they are necessary ”.

The leader pointed out that Tuesday’s defense generated many sensations regarding the possibility that the footballer could not be temporarily suspended and commented on how the process will continue: “We have 21 days to add evidence, and then there will be a final hearing. We will analyze the need or not to attend personally, but evidently having gone this Tuesday was very important and in this way we were able to emphatically demonstrate that it was obviously a contamination, something very precise, momentary and above all involuntary and external to the player ”.

Finally, Moratorio was asked if Peñarol will modify its protocols for its trips abroad in the face of this situation: “We are working for next year with the medical staff, the nutritionist and the rest of the Board of Directors in order to take additional precautions in some countries. ”.

“Taking meat or other foods to other countries requires a lot of documentation that is practically impossible, so in certain countries we will take measures to avoid eating this type of food and to base the diet on other types of foods and thus avoid this kind of problems ”, he emphasized.

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